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Top 5 YouTube to Mp3 Converter Online- Now Listen To The Best Of Music Hassle Free!

Today we are here to discuss the top 5 YouTube to Mp3 converter online. Let’s see which one suits you:-

YouTube provides a million of people source of entertainment through latest videos, tv shows, movies, and educational stuff. Sometimes it is difficult to get the same song from the video on the internet thus, people have an urge to download the video into Mp3 audio file.

Furthermore, there are plenty of YouTube to audio converters available in the market. Rather spending your precious time searching for that particular song just convert video into audio just in seconds on your digital devices like computer, smartphones, tablets, iPad and much more. Instead of searching for free mp3 download sites, you can go to the below-mentioned websites and listen to the YouTube music for free.


ListenToYouTube is a famous YouTube video converter for your computer as well as for your smartphones. It simply converts the video to audio in seconds with the minimal procedure to follow. You just need to copy the URL link in the application and get the converted audio in seconds depending on your internet speed.

However, while converting video into audio can distort the sound quality thus, please don’t be disappointed if you extract a distorted audio overall.

  • YouTube Mp3


YouTube Mp3 is the easiest video converter present online for free. It simply performs your instructions without any disturbances or distraction. The web design and URL are quite easy to understand and simple use.

Users just need to paste the video URL in the converter box and enter convert, soon it will present you with converter audio file.

  • Video2MP3


Video2Mp3 video converter claims to be the best video converter. It can easily convert a video link into audio for free on your device. You just simply need to copy the video link in the box and click on convert. The video2Mp3 also provides you an option to choose the quality of the audio file you want to convert it into.

  • YouTubeToMp3


YouTubeToMp3 is a new entry that allows you to convert video files into audio. It contains all the basic features of a youtube video converter. Undoubtedly the process of converting files is quite easy and simple on YouTubeToMp3. Just simply add the video link you want to convert into audio and click on convert button. YouTubeToMp3 sites support Dailymotion and other video sites links.

  •  VidToMp3


VidToMp3 is again a new site from converting video into audio easily. These sites support URL from video sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, break, Veoh, Metacafe and much more. To download a particular video and convert it into audio Mp3 file, you just need to copy te URL in the download box and wait for the process to complete. Soon as the process complete a window will open explaining the procedure to download the Mp3 file.


The top 5 websites mentioned above are the best at converting videos into audio Mp3 files. These websites have the easiest procedure of downloading Mp3 files by converting them on your devices. Few them work on different devices as well, for example, smartphones, tablets, and iPod. These websites can be of a great help for users who love to listen to Mp3 songs on their various devices.


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