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Emoticon Meaning: – Meaning of Whatsapp Emoticon, Symbol and Smiley

There’s a lot of emoticons on WhatsApp. And every once in a while, new ones are introduced. With so many WhatsApp emoji to keep track of, it can get very confusing which one says what.

We decided we should be clearing the air a bit for our dear readers. And so, we present you this post on what Emoji on WhatsApp mean.

emoticon meaning emoticon-meaning

What it is: Unicorn

unicorn emoji

What it represents:

Being Unique

How it is really used:

You’re probably going to use it before or during a Lady Gaga concert, to tell people that you’re at a Lady Gaga concert. Or maybe when you’re volunteering at a school to show off to your kids that you’re hip like them.

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What it is: Side Eyes


What it represents:

Looking at someone, ogling.

How it is really used:

To flirt with your friends without actually getting serious, or when you spot someone hot and you Whatsapp a picture of them you took like a spy.

You’ll also be using this to strike up a conversation with someone without actually saying hi. I mean, who even types hi anymore?!

What it is: Perfect sign


What it represents:

a compliment for something amazing. like a good meal, a beautiful painting your friend made or a really good selfie.

How it is really used:

Yoga fanatics will send this to show they were busy doing yoga. It can stand for certain parts of the body. Or the size of some parts of the body, if you know what I mean…

What it is: Scared out of your senses


What it represents:

Being scared out of your senses

How it is really used:

As general surprise. because nothing really scares us desensitized people anymore. Saw really covered it all.

What it is: Crying face


What it represents:

That you’re crying

How it is really used:

You could be crying. Or just a little hurt but trying to play it up to get an reaction out of your friend. Because mellow isn’t your thing. You need attention. Or does your friend?

What it is: “May I help you?” lady


What it represents:

Asking someone how they might need assistance. Or to say that you’re available if they need something.

How it is really used:

To be a jerk to people. Nothing displays attitude like this emoji. You can see it as flicking your hair back to say you don’t care. Pro Tip: Use with text “Bye Felicia”. You’re welcome.

What it is: Grinning


What it represents:


How it is really used:

To dispel awkwardness. This is like a intermediate laugh for people you are in the process for knowing. Intermediate, because it is neither a mere smile of mild appreciation nor a full laugh that might come off as being too forward.

What it is: laughing uncontrollably


What it represents:

when you cannot hold your amusement in. When it must come out of your eyes too because your wide open mouth sending out loud booms of appreciation doesn’t suffice to express how amused you are.

How it is really used:

To convey polite amusement when two of your friends are arguing in a group chat, while you’re secretly hoping they stop fighting because it is stressing you out. You have enough stress in your life without these two jerks fighting over Bernie and Hillary.

What it is: Pissed-off face


What it represents:

Being angry, frustrated or anything else you associate with being pissed off.

How it is really used:

As compulsory embellishments for Cross-fitters’ statuses on cross-fit.

What it is: Sleepy head


What it represents:

Being sleepy

How it is really used:

To end conversations early because the other person just won’t take a hint. And then to give rise to the situation where you cannot check your Whatsapp because the creep might be lurking on your chat and find you offline in your sleep.

What it is: cocky-face


What it represents:

Joking, poking fun at someone or at a situation.

How it is really used:

To make an unfunny joke seem funny. You can also use it to profess amusement at your friend’s jokes, even though they weren’t all that funny, but a friend’s got to encourage their friend.

What it is: Stressed-face


What it represents:

Being stressed or worried.

How it is really used:

To express anxiety of the approaching Monday, assignment or project deadline or to tell people you’re stressed even though you’re watching a movie in the background.

What it is: anxious-face


What it represents:

Being anxious, jittery or generally scared.

How it is really used:

When someone sends you a forward chain message that needs to go to 5 people in 10 minutes or you’ll meet a serial killer ghost.

What it is: Good Samaritan


What it represents:

Feeling particularly divine, blessed or good after doing something good or spiritual.

How it is really used:

To be a jerk to people. Particularly as passive aggression after making a snarky remark on someone you’re arguing with.

What it is: Unamused face


What it represents:

Being not so amused, passive aggressive or upset at someone when they make a racist or sexist joke.

How it is really used:

Being unamused for someone for being unamused, openly aggressive for someone’s passive aggression, or upset at someone upset at you for making a racist or sexist joke.

What it is: Boss face


What it represents:

Being an absolute Boss at life

How it is really used:

Being a boss at WhatsApp, livening up your WhatsApp status and to be a jerk, sometimes all at the same times. This is also the alter ego of half of your WhatsApp friends.

We could go on forever! There’s so many more to cover, and more keep coming every few updates. Every Whatsapp emoji meaning is personal and it could vary. But the idea is the same; we’d all rather talk to screens than express emotions on face.

Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.


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