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YouTube Videos Minus All Distractions:- ViewPure App

ViewPure is a service that lets you view the YouTube videos without clutter or distractions. It streams the videos without the related video suggestions, comments, as well as the sponsored videos.

This service has been available for a long time (about five years) but has recently been updated making it easier and more convenient to use. ViewPure is used by a lot of people, especially those in the academic world – students, teachers, professors, and even parents.

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Access ViewPure

You can access ViewPure by searching ViewPure on Google or you can directly visit their website at

To use the service, copy and paste the link of a YouTube video into the search bar (also called Purifier) and the video will be displayed on a blank white background. You can also install the View Pure bookmark to access it quickly next time.

How To Use ViewPure

  • Use the search tool to find YouTube videos and watch them.
  • Copy and paste a link directly fromYouTube into the search bar and click Purify to watch.
  • Add the tool to your bookmarks and click on it to “Purify” the videos.

Advantages Of Using ViewPure

  • You are able to Watch YouTube videos without clutter and often inappropriate related videos that always pop up on seemingly innocuous searches. This allows you to have your children watch a video without worrying that they might accidentally watch inappropriate videos.
  • You can view and enjoy YouTube videos without having to worry about the distractions and the video suggestions on the sidebar.  This is a great option for people who want to show the video in a classroom or a conference. It helps the audience to focus only on the video that’s playing and not on other videos on the sidebar
  • One can also share YouTube videos without infringing on the laid down copyright rules and guidelines!  
  • Clean interface enhances your experience when viewing videos on YouTube
  • It is Legal and safe to use ViewPure.
  • There are no ads on the web pages of the site
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Disadvantages Of ViewPure

  • This service works a with YouTube and not other video sites
  • There are no ads but the site thrives on donations.
  • ViewPure is incapable of removing the in-video advertisements. This means that the distractions will always be there in the form of pop-up ads if there are any.

Fix ViewPure Errors

You can get an error while trying to bookmark the site by dragging this link to the toolbar on your bookmarks. The extension lets you Purify the video directly while it is playing on YouTube. However, sometimes the link would not add to the bookmark and may throw an error message onto the screen. This happens when you are using an older version of the extension. Get the latest version and you will be able to fix this error instantly.


YouTube has Age Restricted content you would not want your kids to see. This is the reason why you will like to use some filters that make sure the inappropriate videos are inaccessible.

SafeSearch: this will enable you to filter the kind of content you wish to have displayed when you do a search.

Sort By: this controls and filters the sorting of search results.

Results Per Page: it controls the number of results that are displayed at any one time  

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ViePure also lets you customize a URL. This enables you to come up with memorable URLs of your favorite YouTube videos. Here is how you can make a custom URL:

  • The custom URL should first and foremost be alphanumeric, i.e. it can contain both letters and numerals. There should be no special symbols or characters in between.
  • It is also worth noting that the number of characters should not exceed 11.  YouTube has a rule that limits all characters to that number.
  • The only reason that your custom URL may get rejected by YouTube is when someone else has already used that URL. You need to have a unique URL for the videos.  

Advantages Of Customization

  • This makes the video easily accessible and easy to find and share with others.
  • When you want to show a select part in the video, ViewPure comes in very handy. It enables you to set the starting time as well as the end time of the clip. Thus, each time you add or load the custom URL, the video automatically plays or stops where you wish it to. Now, isn’t that like awesome?

Safety And Legality Of ViewPure

  • ViewPure is not a service that will allow you to watch YouTube videos in an environment that have blocked access to YouTube thus making it legal and friendly to use.
  • ViewPure also does not allow you to download YouTube videos simply because downloading YouTube videos is a violation of YouTube terms and service. Again, it is a legal service to use.
  • It also allows you to have password protection that will enable you to come up with a link that’s accessible but also protected by a password. As such, anyone visiting the site to view the video will have to create and enter their own customized password.  
  • The password protection lets you share the videos only with a specific set of people.


To have fun on ViewPure you can even check out the videos being watched by other users on the website. So it pretty much works like YouTube. This makes the site fun to explore and lets you watch many videos without clutters or distractions.

If you like their service and you wish to make sure it keeps running, you can make a donation using your MasterCard, American Express or your Discover card.

ViewPure purifies your video and removes the distractions. But, it is completely legal to use this service. It does not violate any copyright laws. It works primarily by embedding the video to a web page, something which YouTube already allows.


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