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How To Trace Mobile Number – Tracking Guide

You don’t always get the calls and text messages from the people in your contact list. Sometimes, someone whose phone number is not in your list may also try to reach out to you. Some of us are prudent about answering calls from the unknown numbers until they have verified the authenticity.

The Trace & Track services can be of great help to get mobile number details. Let’s take a quick look at the some more things they can do for you.

Mobile Phone Number Tracking

Tracking isn’t exactly pinpointing the exact location of the phone. That’s what GPS does. However, the online Trace & Track service can give you basic information about the phone, which you could utilize in many ways.

Most websites give you the name of the mobile service provider, the state where the phone is registered and the network type. Sometimes they may also show the name of the city.

If there is any app that claims to trace mobile number current location, stay away from it. First of all, it is outright unlawful. The government regulations appreciate and acknowledge your privacy and security and would never let anyone trace you down. Second of all, no mobile Track & Trace service has the resources to provide information such as trace mobile number current location with city.

Helps You Ascertain You are Buying a New SIM

When you are buying a new SIM, you will want to make sure that it is completely new and not being repackaged and sold illegally. The online phone tracking services have the generic information regarding the SIM if it has been used previously. You can look up with the phone number on these sites and find the information. There are two possible scenarios:

  • You come up with no information about the SIM you just bought. This would mean that your SIM is absolutely new and you don’t have to worry about someone else having used it in the past
  • The phone number brings up some information pertaining to the network and operator. This does not necessarily mean that the SIM is not new. There is a good chance that the number was previously being used by someone but now it has been deactivated and reallocated to you. It would be a great idea to call up the mobile service provider to confirm.

However unlikely the second instance may sound, never hesitate to get the things cleared up. The phone number frauds happen and could lead you into trouble.

Gather Information About Strangers You Have To Deal With

If truth be told, the online mobile Trace & Track services do not give out detailed information about a particular number or help in getting mobile number locator on google map. They tell you the mobile provider the phone number is registered with and the area where it is registered. But, it definitely is a good start.

There are some businesses that need to hire people online whom they never meet in person. The information you gather from the Trace & Track services isn’t the final stamp on the authenticity of the person, but at least you could tell if the person belongs to the place where he or she claims to be from.

For instance, if you operate in Delhi and outsourcing a job to someone in Chennai, you can tell whether or not their number is registered in Chennai. If it is not, you can inquire and get your doubts cleared.

Know The Details Of Unknown Callers

We all receive calls from unknown numbers at one point of time or the other. A lot of people do not answer the calls that are not from their contacts. But, they also end up missing some important calls. For example, your old friend may call to invite you for a special event, such as marriage from a new number.  You may miss the call and the event as well.

Some people are ambivalent about picking calls from unknown numbers. It becomes difficult to choose whether or not to answer the call.

Most of us do not answer our phones because we don’t want to engage with the unsolicited tele-callers. At certain times, we simply wish to avoid some people.

At any rate, you may still want to be absolutely certain which calls to answers and which ones to ignore. This is where the Trace & Track mobile services come into the picture.

Consider True Caller for instance. It is a mobile tracing service that gives you caller ID details and location information of the callers. The information provided by this app is accurate most times. You can install True Caller app on your phone or use the True Caller web services. Mobile number tracker with current location software free download.

To use True Caller online, visit their website If you are not signed in already, use your Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Yahoo! Id to sign in. Enter the phone number you wish to look up the details for in search box and click on Search. True Caller will give you all the information it has pertaining to that number.

You could also download True Caller app to your mobile phone and tablets. It is a cross-platform app available on all types of mobiles including iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. What’s great about the True Caller mobile app is that you don’t need to follow the long drawn process of accessing the website and keying in the number to look up for the details. The app pops-up the details the moment you get the call.


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