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Top 10 GO Launcher Themes For Android (2016-2017)

The best thing about Android is that it supports customization quite well. There are indeed several launchers that help you configure the home screen to your liking. Undeniably, Go Launcher is one of the best. There are many ways you can customize the appearance of your Android phone using Go Launcher. But, using the new and supported themes is the easiest and most convenient way to do it.

If you are looking for some really cool Go Launcher themes, take a look!



Go Launcher does have some really cool themes and Miracle is definitely one of them. One of the most amazing things about this theme is its icons. They look quite unique and very attractive. This theme will transform the look of your phone completely. There is the new look on the app drawer, wallpaper, and the rest of it. There are some awesome widgets too that make your home screen more animated. It does not offer a lot of customization but it certainly is a great theme to have.

Download Miracle Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



If you are okay to pay a bit for a great theme, you would like to look at some of the paid themes. Lonely is a premium Go Launcher theme available for $1.86. The looks of the theme are pretty suave and classy. It removes all the clutter from the screen and gives you a very clean and easy look. The theme features faded wallpaper and flat icons. It has the custom icons for most of the popular apps. Unfortunately, it does not have the icon for some of the new apps.

Download Lonely Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



This is an incredibly amazing Go Launcher theme you could ever get. The design of the theme is simple and yet very elegant. It makes use of the geometric shape squircle, which is a portmanteau of square and circle. This makes this theme even more visually appealing. The appearance is totally neat and clutter free. This theme is packed with new icons, wallpapers, and a completely different interface for your Android OS. If you are looking for something which is beautiful without being flashy, Eternally is the one you would want to install.

Download Eternally Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



If you want a simple, serene, and consistent appearance throughout the screen, you should try Labyrinth Go Launcher theme. In fact, one of the most incredible things about this theme is that it brings about the uniformity absent in the other themes. The only challenge is that there are some apps that this theme does not have the custom icons for. So, they may look out of place on your screen. But, you can put them all together in a folder. The wallpaper design is also minimal that goes very well with the overall feel of the theme. There are many options to customize by changing the colors. Labyrinth is also a paid theme for $1.75.

Download Labyrinth Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



Glorious is also one of the very popular Go Launcher themes out there. It is a very beautiful theme that makes good use of the colors. The good news is that it is totally free. Glorious theme hasn’t modified the shape of the icons much. However, the overall design and feel of the theme are simply great. Many say that the looks of the theme are quite similar to that of the MIUI interface; especially, if you consider the folders and the app drawer. There is no denying that it is a very elegant them that can enhance the appearance of your phone instantly.

Download Glorious Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore

Initial Beauty


You may wonder that this theme remains beautiful only initially, owing to its name. But, the fact is that this is a very good looking Go Launcher theme that does not lose its beauty at any point of time. You can buy this theme for $1.82 and it will be worth every penny you have spent on it and even more. The icons are circular in shape and create uniformity across the screen. The blurry wallpaper makes the screen look more futuristic. The layout of the theme is very neat and uncluttered. This theme makes it easy for you to use your phone.

Download Initial Beauty Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



Glass is the theme for those who are looking for a consistent and unified appearance across their phone screen. Glass is one of the most widely used Go Launcher themes there. Not only does it feature some eye pleasing wallpapers, it also enhances the looks of the icons. Also, there are some really exciting widgets that help you make your screen look even better. Thankfully, it supports the icons for most of the apps we use.

Download Glass Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore

White Soul


As the name suggests, white is primary color of the theme for the UI. While some may think that so much white could make the screen appear dull, the truth is that it makes it look pretty exciting. There is a sense of purity to the theme that attracts many. And the way the white color is used, it makes your phone look very classy. The properly laid out theme brings uniformity and consistency across your home screen. Priced at $3.67, this theme is much more expensive than many others; however, it is worth your money for certain.

Download White Soul Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



The name itself tells you what this theme is all about. Remember the blackboards we used to have in our classrooms? Well, that’s exactly what has inspired the creation of this theme. And honestly, the theme looks quite awesome. The theme creates a frame around the icons that appear to be drawn in blackboard writing chalk. The icons for the most popular apps are actually given the complete semblance of chalk drawing. It is indeed a great theme to try.

Download Blackboard Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



Gentleman is a free theme and makes use of the black and gold colors to induce the effect of elegance and opulence at the same time. The two colors have been used very smartly to make the screen appear pretty good looking. You will also find some grey accents across the icons. The wallpaper is also minimal and gray in color. There is something about this Go Launcher theme that brings about the class and sophistication to your phone. Try it once.

Download Gentleman Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore



Elegant is, as the name suggest, pretty elegant Go Launcher theme. The theme may appear quite similar to the Gentleman theme as it makes use of the Black and Gold colors quite liberally. But, the icons of this theme are very different from the Gentleman theme. In fact, one can easily tell that the icons are visually much more appealing and detailed. The wallpaper uses gray, gold, and black color with gradients. This makes your home screen look really amazing.

Download Gentleman Go Launcher Theme From The PlayStore


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