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10 Tax Apps for Filing Returns, Receipt and Deductions

Tax season coming up? Well, that’s the time when most people start scurrying around to get their receipts and documents in order. When it gets down to filling the forms and filing the returns, things don’t really always get pretty. But, bookkeeping and tax filing doesn’t have to be so confusing and complicated. Thanks to the technology, you can now do all of it right from your smartphone. These apps are way better than best website to do your taxes best website to do your taxes. 

We would like you to be relaxed and chilled out this tax season. This is why we have listed the top 10 apps to help you file the taxes, manage your receipts, view your deductions, and do a lot more. These apps will truly make your life easier. Take a look! these app are best tax filer you can use.   


Platform: Android & iOS

Designed by Intuit, TurboTax is a simple and easy to use the app to file returns. It’s intuitive interface guides you through the series of steps allowing you to easily file your tax returns electronically. While this app lets you fill in all the information manually, it makes things more convenient by allowing you to take the photo of the W2 form and converting the information on it in the digital format. In other words, it transcripts the form automatically. This app helps you with the receipts, deductions, and credits as well. What’s really incredible is that TurboTax is completely free of cost as far as the e-filing part is concerned. Of course, there are e-filing charges but they are pretty nominal. The app also has a premium version with some advanced features. But, the free edition is good enough for most users.

ItsDeductible Donation Tracker

Platform: iOS

If you have been making donations that are tax-deductible and wish to keep a track of it, ItsDeductible is a perfect option for you. This app could be a great accompaniment to TurboTax (only on iOS though). The app has a user-friendly interface and makes donation tracking a cakewalk. You can enter the donation value easily and also create an itemized list of the donations made. The app is free to download and use. But, it also has a premium version. The paid version of the app lets you export the donation data to TurboTax, which you can use whiling filing the returns.

H&R Block Tax Preparation

Platform: Android and iOS

Whether you are filing the returns for the first time or you deal in some complex tax cases, the e-filing process should not be too difficult. This is where H&R Block Tax Preparation tool comes to your aid. It is designed to cater to the filing needs of wide range of users. Just like TurboTax, this tool enables you to scan the W2 form and extract the information from it in the usable, digital format. Also, it lets you enter every bit of information manually too. This tool will guide you through the entire e-filing process. You can get a glimpse at your receipts, deductions, credits and just about everything related to e-filing. There is a premium version too with advanced features, such as the ability to get the estimate of the refund.


Platform: Android and iOS

MyBlock brings a wide range of tools at your disposal to help you prepare for the tax returns. This isn’t the tool you use only at the time of e-filing. It lets you regularly update the tax related documents and receipts so that you can access them quickly while filing the returns. In simple words, it helps you organize the tax filing. MyBlock is a completely free tool and yet packs some awesome features. For instance, it allows you to get an estimate of your refunds, gain access to your historical records of tax returns. This app works in conjunction with H&R Block tool. MyBlock also lets you locate the nearest H&R Block address. You can also fix an appointment with an H&R tax expert if you need to. One of the best tax return app you can use. 

TaxSlayer GO

Platform: Android and iOS

This is another cross platform app to file the tax returns. Whether you need to file the state or federal tax, TaxSlayer Go is a good tool to use. This tool offers a very neat, user-friendly, and easy to use interface. Everything has been laid out nicely to allow easy filling. All you have to do is enter the personal information and go through the quick series of questions. You can also scan the tax forms such as W2 and automatically transcript and digitize the details. TaxSlayer Go app is designed for uncomplicated, simple tax filing. If you have a complex tax case in your hand, you may want to use one of the other apps on this list capable of handling such a task. Alternatively, you can also use the website of TaxSlayer to file complicated returns on your computer.


Platform: Android and iOS

Did you know IRS has its own tax related app? IRS2Go is a simple and user-friendly app to make tax filing an easy task. It is not really a highly advanced tool you can rely on for complicated tax return filing. But, it does pack some handy tools and can make the process more convenient. The app lets you take a look at your tax history, view the tax refund status, and access some important tips. It also lets you stay up to date with IRS through links to the social media. IRS2Go is free to download and use.

Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference

Platform: Android and iOS

Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference tool is a handy tool that gives you access to a wide range of information related to taxes and returns. While this tool is not meant for e-filing, it allows you quickly take a look at your refund status, receipts, deductions and more. BNA is more of a tax guide. It can help you with the current tax rates and provide schedule details. If you want to quickly access the estimates, it has an inbuilt tax calculator as well. You can get the tax rates past several years. It can calculate tax rates for simple filing for an individual or complicated returns for large organizations. Even though it does not let you e-file the taxes directly, it can be quite effective when used with other tax filing apps. Bloomberg BNA Quick Tax Reference is free of cost.


Platform: Android and iOS

Have you been making a lot of business travels but finding it difficult to keep a record for tax filing purposes? Thanks to MileIQ, it is not easy to maintain the record of all your tax-deductive travels. When you are driving, the app will detect it automatically and create a log for you to refer to at the time of tax filing. You can specify the work hours so that the app can tell between a business commute and a personal one. Not only does this app log your miles but also allows you to record your toll charges, parking fees and more. The app has a simple design and user-friendly interface. You can export all the records in various popular formats such as PDF or CSV. MilelQ is a freemium app. The free version would let you log up to 40 trips in a month. The premium version records unlimited trips.


Platform: Android and iOS

Business travel expense does not only include the travel mileage. It also includes the meals, accommodation, parking fee, toll etc. Thankfully, they are all tax-deductible. But, they are not always easy to keep a track of. But, Expensify makes things really easy for you. All you need to do is take the photo of the various receipts. The app will convert it into digitally readable and editable format and also log it into your records. Of course, you can also manually enter or edit the details. It also has a GPS tracker that tracks the driving mileage automatically. But, that is not it! In case you lose or misplace the receipt you don’t have a worry. Expensify will look into your credit card statement and itemize all your expenses. The most incredible part is that this app is completely free. Great! Isn’t it?


Platform: Android and iOS

Shoeboxed is an incredible tool to help you prepare for tax filing. It tracks and organizes your receipts effectively so that you can revisit them quickly at the time of tax filing. This app automates the receipt management almost entirely. Scan any receipt with the camera on your phone and it will pull up the useful details such as the amount, date and time, name of the vendor and more. It not only works with the paper receipts but also the digital ones. The digitally archived received are saved in the format acceptable by IRS. Shoeboxed is a freemium app. The free version would let you scan only five receipts in a month. There are various premium plans starting at $8.25 a month allows up to fifty scans.


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