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There are many popular video chat programs for iOS in the App store but going by the popularity we decided to look at both FaceTime and Skype to see which one is better for video calling. We measured the results based on different analyses which are obviously not technical hence the results are entirely based on the comparison. You will get the best comparison between facetime vs skype and also you will get the download link of iphone facetime app.

Talking about Skype it is a third party application for iOS that brings you an exceptional video calling experience just like you get it on your PC or the Mac. When it comes to FaceTime, it is Apple’s own product which is exclusively available for iOS users only. FaceTime and Skype both are open and available for free to offer excellent video chat features to its users. To be candid both these apps are also quite similar in features on documents however, there are several differences between them when it comes to user experience. So now you know what is Facetime app and facetime poor connection is depent on your net connection.

So let’s start the comparison and find out which app is best for video calling on iOS

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User Interface


Skype is one of those apps which have more desktop clients than any other similar app and since most of you have already used it on your pc, Skype for iOS may come as a shove to you. The iOS version of Skype is bit restrictive when it comes to configuration options which the desktop version offers in stacks.

However, Skype for Apple and iOS devices comes handy in saving bandwidth as it limits the outgoing video of video calls.

One key feature that gives an extra edge to Skype over FaceTime is its compatibility to allow you to make calls on Wi-Fi as well as on cellular data plan. FaceTime is yet to offer this feature completely.


FaceTime at no point in this whole discussion can be disregarded under the silver lining of Skype features since this is one app which offers plenty of additional features which Skype doesn’t and can never be able to (this is what we think). Though the only flaw we found in FaceTime is that you have to manually assign the email account and phone numbers you would like to FaceTime with.

This may come as a revelation to many people but we don’t consider it a major flaw in the app since all we need is to be able to make video calls at our convenience without notching through loads of settings.

In comparison to Skype, in FaceTime, you don’t need to add a buddy or confirm friendship in order to make a video call. All you have to do is to go to your contact list and choose your contact for FaceTime call. However, FaceTime does not fully support making calls over the cellular network and you need to use it over Wi-Fi, this is a major error in the app which Apple might want to get rid of shortly.

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Talking about the video quality of Skype calls, it is quite impressive considering the quality of both audio and video. The chat quality ranges from satisfactory (in iOS) to outstanding when making calls to PC or laptop.

Out of ten we would like to give nine marks to Skype for iOS with just one defect that at times the audio quality of Skype call over lapses and loses the sync with the video, especially when making calls over cellular network. One more bug that we recently noticed during Skype calls is that most of the video calls stopped abruptly after few minutes; we tested it on different phones as well as on Mac but the results were same.


FaceTime calls are better than Skype calls when it comes to both picture and audio quality, we tested both the apps over the same network but FaceTime video and audio quality was better than that of Skype. There is no syncing audio-video problem in FaceTime. At the same time, we also believe that the camera quality also plays a trick here.

Overall it’s a ten out of ten for FaceTime for iOS when it comes to quality of video call, as FaceTime won’t disappoint you when it comes to making quality video calls.

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Compatibility is one aspect of our test where Skype comfortably wins the bout over FaceTime. Skype is compatible with almost any operating system including Windows, Android, and iOS, it can be installed on PC or laptop running any operating system including Linux whereas FaceTime being an Apple product is only available for iOS users which means you must purchase an Apple iPhone, Mac or iPad if you wish to use FaceTime.

Only Mac which runs on Lion can install this app for free or else if you are running OS X or above then you need to purchase it first.

Choosing Skype Or FaceTime- The Real Question

Well based on our tests we won’t give a clear judgment on which app is better for iOS but without being discreet we would definitely suggest both the apps on your iOS device since both these apps perform equally well under theirfavorablee state of affairs which we have mentioned above. Rest we leave it on you people to decide which one suits you better. We hope you get what you want from our Skype or Facetime and Skype vs Facetime comparison


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