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Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name – Top 5 Services

Caller ID is a great feature that discloses the phone number and name of the caller. However, it has some glaring drawbacks. For the starters, it does not reveal the name if the calling number has blocked the caller ID. If that is the case, how do you find out who called you? Well, the answer is pretty simple; you can use the Reverse Phone Lookup service.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup With Name: Top 5 Services

There are various free cell Phone Lookup services out there that let you search the phone number and reveal the caller’s details including the name, carrier, and the type of telephone (mobile or landline.) Sometimes, the tool may also display the address of the caller.

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Why Do You Need To Use Reverse Phone Lookup?

There are plenty of free, web-based cell phone lookup or directory tools that allow you to find the phone number of a person or business by entering the name. But, they do have some apparent shortcomings. If you have the phone number and wish to find the relevant information about it, including name and address, these services will be of no help. This is where you need the reverse lookup service, which gives you the information related to a phone number. You just need to enter the number and all the available information is disclosed.

The Reverse Phone Lookup services incorporate more comprehensive techniques to uncover the information related to a phone number. This is why they have greater chances of disclosing the mobile number information as opposed to the simple ‘lookup’ services. But, we would like to state that even with the best Reverse Telephone Lookup service, finding the landline details is much likelier than getting the mobile number information.

How Can The Tool Be Used?

Completely free reverse lookup tool with name can be used for a number of purposes. For instance, if you are getting harassing calls from a particular number and before taking any legal action if you wish to resolve it on your own, you can find the details of the person using this tool. Once you have identified who is calling you, you could easily block the number and avoid the calls.

Many a times you get unsolicited calls from the telemarketers with no caller ID. Telemarketing calls could be pretty annoying especially if they come at the time when you are busy. There are laws against unsolicited calling but some manage to sneak through the loopholes in the system. You can use the reverse lookup tool to confirm if the number is from a telemarketer and block it so that you don’t get disturbed again.

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Top Reverse Lookup Services

Here is the list of the best free reverse lookup services you can use.

  1. Pipl (  Pipl is another reverse lookup service. Pipl may not be as good as the others in the list but it sure is quite effective. This service does not have its own database or directory and thus it finds the caller information using the search engines.
  2. White Pages ( This is another one of the most trusted and widely used cell phone lookup services. You can find the name of the caller and other important details from the phone number. In many cases you will also get the residence address in the search results. But, this service is available only in the US. In other words it is a reverse directory for America only.
  3. Reverse Phone Lookup ( This is one of the best and most accurate reverse lookup services you will find. It is not the regular lookup service and hence you don’t need to search with the name of the person. Instead, you simply provide the phone number in question and the site will present all the possible details to you. This service is indeed the most used reverse lookup service.
  4. Addresses ( Addresses has remained as a widely popular reverse lookup tool with name. Not only can it find the name of the caller but it may also give you other details including telephone service provider, address of the registered user and any other associated phone numbers.
  5. Phonebooks ( Phonebooks is a regular directory service, which also doubles as a reverse lookup tool. Whether you are looking for information for a business or residential number, you will be able to find it here with name.

Wrap Up

If the caller ID is blocked and you still need to extract caller details, reverse phone lookup is the best option for you. As the name suggests, instead of searching with the name, you search with the phone number and the information pertaining to the number are displayed on your screen. You can use this tool to prevent harassing calls or unsolicited telemarketing calls. While it is more likely to find the landline details, many top services can now find mobile number details as well. Now you know some of the best reverse phone number look up services on internet.


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