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This Privacy Policy portrays important questions that deal with the private affairs of the website users.

Collection of Data

The company accumulates and processes the data which it receives from the willing users, either through contact/feedback forms available on the website, or any other means, or the data that automatically comes into the company’s knowledge in connection with the technical nature of users’ equipments, such as internet browser version, internet connection type, operating system version, Java enabling, IP address, cookies enabling, CPU type, operating system language and screen resolution. The matter related to the know-how will be presumed as the ‘Data’.

The Data can be a blend of individualistic nature of the users, insofar as deemed under the Indian Law. If the users provide personal details, it will be mandatory for them to express their consent for the collection, recording, and processing of such personal data, as far as the Privacy Policy is concerned. The user will be bound to state, by conferring guarantee, that he/she will not communicate personal data concerning the third party, even after receiving the concurrence of such a third party. If he/she shares any such data with the company, he will be accountable for such nuisance before the Company.

Purpose of Data Processing

The company can rightfully utilize the user data for maintenance, development and quality control of the website and its entire services. The acquisition of such data by the website will help the company to provide better services to the users in the realm of their necessities as well as in sending business messages via any means, only if the users grant permission to do so, and thereby giving a boost to company’s goods and services, or those manufactured and provided by a third party. If the users want that the data provided by them to the company should be used by it any longer, the company will accept such request with no question at all.

It is now relevant to mention that the users grant authority to the company to process their personal information outside the Indian subcontinent, either personally or through any means, knowing that the legal framework of the country doesn’t provide for the equal protection of the personal data as it is in the Indian Subcontinent. The user data shall not be put into any purpose other than stipulated in the Privacy Policy, nor will it be shared with the third parties without prior approval of the users.

Use of Cookies

The official portal of the company shall use cookies to improve the quality of the services provided by the company. The users can accept or ignore the cookies by the company at their will and preference.
Liberty for Access, Cancellation, Objection, and Rectification
Concerning Data, the users have liberty and right for access, cancellation, objection, and rectification as vested in them by the Indian Law in regard to the safety of personal data. With this purpose in mind, the users must contact the company through a message.

Other Websites

This Privacy Policy is limited only to this website. The company shall not be held responsible in case of any liability arising out of the Privacy Policies of other websites which are linked to this website.

General Information

The company is free at will to amend or modify the service terms and conditions at any point of time without any prior intimation to the users while updating the website. The service terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement at the time of signing shall be considered valid and applicable in compliance with the law.

The terms and conditions mentioned herein are governed by the Indian Law. The users are not allowed under all circumstances to withdraw themselves from the contract they have inked with the company, once the services are provided by the company, immediately after their consent. Such a contract will be signed in the language selected by the users available on the respective webpage, for which users may send their requests.

Whatever articulated in the website’s content is protected by the Intellectual and Industrial rights of the company, and those of the third parties, if any. The users shall not be allowed to erase, alter or tamper with any of the protection device or security mechanism that is installed on the website in any possible manner.