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Pokemon Go APK, Download for iOS, Android , Playing Guide

An Intro to the Pokemon Go craze

Pokemon is the latest mania to have hit the internet. The whole concept of the game is novel, and it is receiving a lot of love for just that reason. The phenomenal game has thus far been released only in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. But queries for the game have escalated from all around the world, particularly Canada, the UK, Europe and India. Pokemon Go is turning out to be the biggest gaming revolution since Candy crush took over. Only this time, it is genuine craze about the game, devoid of the social media requests that plagued us all.

What is Pokemon Go exactly?

Pokemon Go is a game developed by Niantic Labs. You play a Pokemon Trainer out to catch’em all. The app shows you Pokemon on the map of your location, and you can walk up to local landmarks such as museums, bus stops and a whole lot of other interesting places and catch Pokemon, get Pokemon balls, eggs and other supplies. Train your Pokemon and fight other players at the nearest gym. conquer your way to the top. The company even suggests it is going to have local and global events for Pokemon Go downloaders to have a go at their favorite apps.

Pokemon Go APK is available for free across devices. The app has been delayed in release around the world, and is currently available only for the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Pokemon Go for iOS is available too, directly on iTunes.  Among other devices, your Pokemon Go will also be able to run on BlackBerry, Windows and Kindle.

Pokemon Go downloads have escalated to a phenomenal level, to the extent that the company has had to delay its worldwide release till it can arrange for sufficient servers to host the thousands who are playing the game right now, and then some more for the players in new countries.

Pokemon Go APK Features

Pokemon Go is a wonderful app that is frankly going to impress you like you have never been impressed before. There is so much you can do in the game that is is going to take over your entire life. In fact, it has become so addictive that workplaces and the traffic cops have had to issue warnings to die hard users who have ended up walking right in the middle of traffic or missing deadlines because they were busy walking around catching charmander, oblivious to the world.

Among the many things your Pokemon Go app can do to entertain you, here’s a concise list of the ones we find most fun.

  • The Pokemon Go download can get you unlimited amount of fun.
  • Capture Pokemon in the wild, as you roam around in your normal day to day life.
  • Visit landmarks, shops or prominent buildings marked on your map to get much needed Pokeballs, eggs and more.
  • There are gyms all around you, in parks, buildings and campuses of all sorts. Battle your Pokemon with an opponent and score victories to get wonderful rewards.
  • Eggs can be incubated to get amazing Pokemon. To hatch an egg, put it in an incubator and then walk around. The eggs hatch after you’re done walking a set distance.


How to Play Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is by far the most popular game in public space right now. There is a huge number of followers who have jumped at the Pokemon Go apk and downloaded it for their device, which include both iOS and Android versions. However there might still be confusion on how to play Pokemon Go, and so we have this short compilation which is going to guide you through the game, one step at a time.

  • To begin, you can choose one out of the four classic starting Pokemon. They can be Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur or the rarer to see Pikachu. Pick any Pokemon you like and you have begun your journey.
  • Capture wild Pokemon by throwing PokeBalls at them. Be careful to maintain your aim when you throw one, since they’re limited in number. To earn more Pokeballs, you can visit the nearest PokeStop and spin the logo to get more balls, along with nifty supplies like eggs and more.
  • Gain experience by completing the tasks mentioned in your badge menu, and by collecting Pokemon. Leveling up offers new and exciting features, such as training and battle. High levels might also get you better Pokemon.
  • Eggs are amazing ways to get yourself better Pokemon than you would find in the wild. There are three varieties of eggs you can get. The one that hatches in 2 km gets you ordinary Pokemon like Pidgey. The Five km egg might get you a rarer pokemon, and the 10 km is guaranteed awesomeness!

Now, on to battling!


How to battle Pokemon? Pokemon Go Guide:

Pokemon Go is all about strategy, even though it might seem like mindless ball-lobbing at first. There’s a lot you can do to make it more probable to capture Pokemon, and to perform better in confrontations. Read on:

  1. A good collection of Pokemon can help you quite a lot. Your performance in the game depends heavily on the Pokemon you have in your hand, and so it makes sense to capture the best you come across.
    To catch high level Pokemon, press and hold the pokeball till the circle around your target monster is small enough. Launching your Pokeball at such a time will up your chances of capturing. The Pokemon with green rings are almost guaranteed to be caught. Yellow ones can be tricky. And to catch the red-ringed Pokemon, you have to be especially skilled at what you do.
  2. Dodging attacks is always a good thing. A lot of times it can seem to get in the way of memory when you’re trying to focus and execute your next move flawlessly. But when you fight against a pretty mighty opponent, you can save your health by a lot if you side step attacks. IT is always good to start the habit early, right?
  3. Take care of your eggs. Visit PokeStops often to get Pokeballs and eggs. The rarer egg varieties are a great source to get the best Pokemon to add to your team. 2 km eggs are a wonderful way to get XP, which helps you level up and in turn get better Pokemon in the wild. Eggs are the best way to give your team a much welcome boost.

Get great Pokemon in this way, train and win battles to climb your way to glory.


Bugs and Errors

A Lot of users are reporting some problems in Pokemon Go. Many of these might be due to server overload, due to which the game was also suspended for a short while. A lot of it is also being attributed with arguable accuracy to the large number of downloads of Pokemon Go apk from the internet in places the game has not yet been released.

Errors are a common occurrence in apps. Given that the app has climbed to more than 10 million players in less than a complete week, on Android alone, it is quite understandable that the servers have a lot to deal with. But bugs are still bothersome, with or without considerations of use. Here are a few that have been reported.

  • Pokemon Go seems to crash for a lot of downloaders. The screen goes blank after the app loads initially.
  • Not all places have pokestops and gyms, so the game can have little to offer in such locations other than walking around and capturing Pokemon.
  • The app can also refuse to register captured Pokemon when the app hangs. I lost a pretty rare Pokemon due to this, even though I managed to capture it.

What has got users mesmerized/miffed?

User experience of the app has been largely positive. There have been demands for Pokemon Go Canada, UK and also in India. Finding Pokemon is pretty easy, though a lot of people have complained about not finding the first three Pokemon as easily as the others and having to settle for one they did not really want. People have also been asking for PvP. Let’s see when that comes into the picture.


Pokemon Go apk

Pokemon Go Download is currently enabled only in the US, Australia and New Zealand. A huge demand from Europe, UK, Canada and Latin American nations has been driving the need for the apk file, which is not available on several third party websites, free of cost. Pokemon Go APK Download is a healthy 58 MBs. Make sure you download it when you have strong WiFi connectivity; this file can take a while to complete.

Tip: There are reports of a malevolent version of the APK file roaming the internet, taking victims from forums. To avoid getting the bad file, try to get your apk file from the internet, from a trusted site.

Another way to spot the suspicious file is to go through the permissions it asks for before installing. If you have already installed the app, Go to your App Settings and have a look at the permissions the app has noted. If your app has asked for permissions to call phone numbers, read and send texts, record audio, modify contacts and run at startup, along with other details, your Pokemon Go APK file has Malware in it.

Pokemon Go For Android

Now that we’ve dealt with Pokemon Go APK, let us tell you how to get it for your Android.

If you live in the USA, Australia or New Zealand:

  1. Open Play Store.
  2. Punch in “Pokemon Go” in the search bar and press enter/search.
  3. Install the app on your Android device and enjoy!

It’s really that simple! However, if you live in a different country where the app is yet to be released, all you need to do is download the apk file we mentioned earlier. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Open Google and enter “Pokemon Go APK Download”. Search.
  2. Go to “Settings” in your Android device, enter “Security” and Toggle “Unknown Sources” to allow it. This will allow non-Play Store apps to be installed on your device.
  3. Tap the downloaded file to run it. The installation will be started automatically if and when you opt to accept the permissions and press “Install”.

That is all you need to do to get Pokemon Go for Android, no matter which country you live in.


Pokemon Go For iOS

Pokemon Go iOS is pretty high in the popularity charts as well. And luckily, it is pretty easy to get the game on iPhones and iPads. Here’s how you can get the app on your iOS device

  1. Launch your “App Store” through the home menu.
  2. Type “Pokemon Go iOS” in the search bar and start the download.
  3. You might be required to enter your Apple ID. The download should complete in no time. Have fun catching rare Pokemon!

Wasn’t that easy?

How to get Pokemon Go For Windows?

Pokemon for Windows can be a bit tricky to get. Especially since you might not find it very easy to roam the streets capturing Pokemon with your laptop in hand. But you can still log in through your PC when you’re at home to manage your team and catch Pokemon with incense. Let us tell you an easy way to get Pokemon for Windows.

  1. Download BlueStacks on your PC
    BlueStacks is an Android Emulator, which will allow your Windows PC to run the apk file. It is a freeware available online via its official website.
  2. Install BlueStacks and set up
    Setting up requires a login with a gmail account. This is essential for when you want to access the Play Store. And even though we won’t need the Play Store this time, it is going to make it easy to log in and set up your account in Pokemon Go.
  3. Download Pokemon APK
    Like earlier, make sure you download the proper apk file. The app apk file is available on plenty of third party websites, that too for free.
  4. Run the apk file on your emulator
    Right click the apk file, click “Open With” and choose “BlueStacks” from the list of programs. This will make your emulator install the file as an app. Wait for the notification, and your app will be installed in a jiffy.

Pretty convenient, if you ask me.

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Can you get Pokemon Go For Blackberry?

Blackberry users who have OS over 10.2.1 can also use Android apps. Simply download the Pokemon Go apk file on your Blackberry app. You can install it pretty easily by merely tapping to run it. The app doesn’t take much to install, and it should not lag as long as your device has enough space

Our take:

Pokemon Go is only going to get bigger and better with time. As more and more countries get the app available to them, non-apk downloads via the Play Store are only going to escalate. So you can rest assured a lot of wrinkles are going to be ironed out, and the gamer community is only going to multiply. The amazing app is one of the very few which introduce real world elements in game play as an integral part. This indicates a whole new level of social interaction in gaming in the future. Pokemon Go APK just might be the pioneering innovation in gaming of our times!


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