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Playing PUBG Mobile on Windows PC: 2019 Guide (Latest 0.10.5 Update Features Inside)

PUBG Mobile is a successful game that thrives on several magic thresholds. One being its 100MN+ downloads count. It’s consistently on the top, upgrade after upgrade, and not pacing down any sooner. Of all the reasons, we believe it’s the simplicity of the game and intuitive controls that made PUBG Mobile greatly rewarding and one of the biggest gaming titles in the world.

With all the talk about the PUBG in the world today, there’s one question we are asked almost thrice a week. It’s – How to Play PUBG Mobile on Windows PC? We believe that there are a huge proportion of people, who are looking out for ways to play PUBG Mobile on their windows and legitimately though.

Guess what, BloomTimes has got you covered. This is a complete guide to playing PUBG Mobile on Windows PC. Scrolling down further, you will also get to learn about all the latest features on PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update, and what’s in the store for later releases. So, Stay tuned.

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PUBG Mobile on PC: Know the Trick

  • Let’s clear one thing first. PUBG Mobile isn’t natively available for Windows PC. You will require an Android emulator to work your way up.

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  • Another thing is not all Android emulators can run PUBG Mobile. Try any standard one and you are likely to face performance issues. Thankfully or so, developers Tencent Games has rolled out their own emulator called The Tencent Gaming Buddy (Download Now) to allow seamless PUBG run on PC.

In the guide ahead, we will talk about initializing and optimizing the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator on your PC, so as to help you run the game smoothly. Let’s begin.

Tencent Gaming Buddy is simple to use. Download the setup file from this link and install the emulator on the PC. To begin with, run the .exe file and the setup wizard will take you ahead to the next set of procedures. Once completed, download PUBG Mobile for PC.

Configuring Emulator Settings for Supreme Performance

Note that the default emulator settings can result in performance glitches. So, you must adjust them first to ensure consistent game delivery.

  1. Begin with clicking on the Hamburger Menu in the top right corner of the emulator home screen and go to Settings option.

Inside the Settings option, make the following changes:

  • The Basics tab of the Settings Centre doesn’t offer much scope, however, you can choose if you want to run the emulator at Windows startup or not. This setting is turned on by default. Just in case you have an older PC or it doesn’t have a boot SSD, we will advise you to not turn this setting on. Switch it off, so that the emulator doesn’t interfere with the reboot time of your PC and you face no issues.
  • Right below the Basics tab, you will find the Engine tab. This is where most of the settings will happen. First, turn on the Prioritize Dedicated GPU setting to make sure that emulator uses the dedicated GPU on your system and delivers great performance. Just in case you have no dedicated GPU, this setting will make no difference.
  • Go to the Memory option in the drop-down menu and make sure that you choose the highest memory setting available there. Similarly, after tapping on the Processor tab, select the maximum number of cores. Further, select the Resolution setting as per your preference.
  • While exploring and testing the emulator, we noticed that selecting the lowest setting for the DPI tab greatly improves the performance.
  • Once you’re through making these changes, restart the emulator to save these settings. However, don’t forget about the game download you’ve started at the beginning of the process. Restart the emulator only if the download has completed, or else you’ve to repeat the entire process again.

Adjust the In-Game Settings for Consistent Game Delivery

This section covers all the settings you need to make as you begin with running the game on your PC.

  • To start with, go the Control Panel tab at the right side of the emulator, which contains all the keyboard- and mouse-related settings. If you’re new to PUBG Mobile, it’s highly recommended that you build your understanding around these settings and memorize them as soon as you can because you’ll be using them frequently. The pro gamers know them already.
  • Next, sync your PUBG Mobile data with your Facebook or Twitter account. If you don’t want to sync it, you can continue playing as a guest. Note that if you’re logging in to your social media account to connect to PUBG Mobile, all the data will be carried forward to the emulator as well, which means, you’ll be able to access all your gaming stats across a range of devices without hassles.
  • Once you’re logged in, you can alter the in-game settings according to your preferences and system capabilities. To speak of the settings, you can toggle around adjustments with Graphics, Frame Rate, and Style.
  • There is also a Customize button towards the bottom-left corner of the Controls tab in the in-settings menu. You can adjust the controls there to play the game as per your liking.
  • Sensitivity is also one setting that you might want to experiment with. Since the default settings are pretty sensitive and sometimes move haywire, it’s best to adjust them to get a grip on the game. You can slash down the sensitivity settings to make camera panning, scope sensitivity, and ADS a little more manageable.
  • Now, you are all set to play PUBG Mobile on Windows PC and unleash some ballistic action. Note that despite adjusting a slew of settings, you might experience some tear-offs, jerks, and lags that’s not unusual if you playing a game on an emulator. So, just relax.

The guide to playing PUBG Mobile on PC Windows ends here. And now, we are beginning with listing down all the latest PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update features. Hang in there!

PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 Update Latest Features

Early this week, PUBG Mobile’s 0.10.5 update has been rolled out for Android and iOS users. If you’re using the game on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy, you’re in luck.

Here are a few important updates:

  1. With this update, the loot distribution dynamics in Vikendi are set to improve. There is also an addition of a new weapon.
  1. Besides these, the Royal Pass Season 5 is also available for the gamers to splash some fun.
  1. A new Mk47 rifle has been added to the artillery, which can be used by players in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi maps.

What’s Up Next?

-PUBG Mobile will get a new Awesome Patch, which introduces the Moonlight mode to Vikendi Map. However, the developers haven’t specified the time of its release. Here’s the tweet making the announcement.

Around later this month, PUBG Mobile will have zombie content related to Resident Evil 2. This tweet by the Tencent Games explains the impending update.

So, if you’ve found some essence of zombie lurking around, you know the reason now. If you dig up your memory, you will recall that PUBG Mobile’s Zombie teaser was released around the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge in 2018. And now, it’s finally coming to markets.

What’s PUBG Zombies Mode?

In one word, it’s going to be unique and really compelling, making survival tough.

Watch the teaser here: 

What makes this mode exciting is the fact that zombies’ strength will lie in their numbers. They wouldn’t be using any customary weaponry during the gameplay. If they are large in numbers, the moving space across the map will be considerably shortened, taking players at the rough end of survival.

The newest breakthrough on the update shows a small patch of grassy land with a few houses. The overall environment is dark, gloomy, and indicates a sense of dread. However, there’s no confirmation if this is the map we’re going to see in the final mode.

We will talk more about PUBG Zombies Mode in the next article. Till then, keep looking for this space for more how-to guides.



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