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How To Download Photo Grid for PC- Free Download

Photo Grid is the ideal app for those who want to make collages and photo art from the comfort of their phones, without having to spend big bucks over online subscriptions or software. Photo Grid is a lot better than most other apps in the genre, and that is because of the sheer utility it offers. The app is diverse and properly designed to fit the functionality of all sorts of users. Let’s see what the features of the app are.


Photo Grid for PC Features:

  • Photo Grid lets you arrange numerous pics into one single collage. You can arrange a number of pics in amazing sequences to give an entirely new angle to the photos.
  • You do not need a separate app to edit individual pics. The app doubles up as a photo editor with filters and effects. And not just a passable editor; the quality is quite amazing.
  • Photo Grid for PC will convert your pics into a video sequence. This is a great option for those who want to have a moving slideshow out of their pics.
  • The app also has other amazing features, which include stickers, text, transitions, filters and mark-ups.

Photo Grid can make the difference between a good photo and an awesome collage of amazing photos.

Now that we all know we want to have this amazing photo editor in our devices, here’s the deal. Photo editor is available only for Android and iOS. Windows’ store is understacked, and this is another app it doesn’t have.

Not to worry though! We have a solution to your voes. An Android emulator is all it takes to run your favorite app on your PC.

An Emulator? What’s that?

An Emulator runs Android OS in your Windows PC. It doesn’t need any extra efforts in bifurcating the PC’s memory or do other complex stuff. You can simply download the application and install it on your PC, and it will be done in a jiffy.

We’ve tried several emulators over the years. Andy is the one we advise anyone and everyone. However, for those who are new to this, and might want to first try a simpler interface, BlueStacks is the best.


How to get Photo Grid on your PC:

Here’s a concise list of steps to follow to get the app on your device.

  1. Download the emulator of your choice.
    Andy and BlueStacks are free. For those looking for a paid option, ManyMo is the choice.
  2. Install and log in with a google account.
    Once you have completed the installation, you will get a prompt to log in with a google account. A gmail account sufficies. If you don’t have one, you can make one via the app window itself. This is an essential step, so please do not skip this.
  3. Search the Play Store for Photo Grid
    For BlueStacks, the yellow search button is a shortcut to searching the we as well as the play store. Andy users will have an interface almost exactly the same as an Android phone, so they may use the Play Store icon directly.
  4. Install and you are done.
    Go through the permissions the app asks. That is all you need to do to get the app working on your device.

Photo Grid is the best app you can get for all your photo editing and collage making needs. Once these steps are done, your PC will be able to run the app in the emulator window without a single hitch.

Please make sure your PC has enough RAM for proper functioning. A 2 GB size is recommended, though BlueStacks makes do with 1 GB too. Have fun editing your pics and converting them into masterpieces.


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