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These Offline Android Games Are Chosen Best in 2017

Spotty Internet Connection Should Never Get In The Way of Gaming

Did you know you could enjoy all that Android games have to offer even without internet connection?  It is a well-known fact that role playing and interactive games have dominated the online gaming market; however, you can still have an equally amazing time even with limited to nonexistent internet connectivity.
Now this might come as a surprise, but offline games can be just as good as online games perhaps even better as there are no ads hence no interruptions. The games are of different genres and modes, ranging from racing games to fighting.

Here are just a few examples of fun games you can download and enjoy by yourself or even keep yourself busy while waiting in a long line.

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1. Muay Thai

Do you consider yourself a fighting aficionado? If so, test your skills on this kickboxing game. Like most other games, it starts out on training mode. This way, you can familiarize yourself with all the controls and functions. This is followed by the career mode where you can adjust and customize your player settings.
Here, you get to choose one of 35 fighting legends to represent you including Rico Verhoeven, Van Damm, SamyShilt, Giorgio Petrosian among others in the Thai Ring.

2. The Little Fox

Have fun while testing the limits of your hand-eye coordination. This is a very simple game that stars a Fox, and the goal is to collect as many coins as possible while ensuring it stays well within the path made of hexagonal tiles.
There are a total of 12 worlds, and to open each one, you require a certain number of coins. It Starts off as entertaining but grows challenging as you advance towards the higher levels.

3. Space-Armor 2

This is a must-have for those who enjoy shooting games in the first person. The plot is in space, unfortunately, the graphics are not as detailed as one would expect. But it is still a lot of fun to play.

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4. Lone wolf

It starts off with an immersive plot, with the back story being written on comic strips as the game progresses. This makes the game interesting and gives it a genuine feel.
Therefore, the mission in determined by the storyline. In order to successfully complete your mission, just use the Rifles, Bombs or Pistols and in extreme cases you may have to use bare hands.

5. Stella Fox

This is a puzzle game in which you are required to direct the Fox to the magical portal. The path to the portal is crooked therefore you’ll carve out a route using ‘Star dust’ to assist him reach the portal. Each level is complete upon reaching the portal.

6. Lost in Harmony

This is a running game which is both unique and exhilarating. It comes with a twist. Players run in opposite directions instead of the usual same direction while racing.
Here, your movements are dictated by changing beats indicated by flashy lines and you have to collect them while at the same time avoid obstacles.

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7. Crossy Road

Arcade Games are back! Only in this case, free. This game has a comical cartoon appearance and great graphics. It will really take you back – in a good way. Simplicity is maintained so is the challenging aspect of the game
The goal is to transport a character through many roads, countless railways and even turbulent rivers. However, this would seem to be too easy seeing as you do not expect these places to be packed with trains, cars among other obstacles.
Can you make your character skip lanes, maneuver on the rails on which trains are racing? For every step you take forward, you earn a point and the result is announced only once your character dies, before it starts all over again.
Nostalgic yet?

8. Despicable Me – Minion Rush

If you loved Despicable Me, then you will enjoy the game adaptation.
It may appear to be a normal runner game at a glance, but if offers a highly detailed 3 dimension image. As Dave’sminion, there is never a dull moment while avoiding bombs and rockets, collecting power-ups and bananas and meeting more unexpected challenges and surprising obstacles.
Dave wants to be the best and fastest minion and his opponents, after seeing this, set of a race, Minion Rush. Just like the movie, you will be in stitches the entire time.

9. Plants vs. Zombies

This has been one of the most popular and active games in 2017. Meet funny zombies and fight them, then charge on them with fertilizer after gathering some powerful plants and strategize how to protect your brain.

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10. Rodeo Stampede

This is also a running game where you are supposed to constantly switch animals so as to surpass the set obstacles.
The zoo animal inventory increases as you collect animals while running; this must be filled to complete the game

11. Mekorama

Mekorama is a threedimensional, puzzle game where youhave to help the robot reach the finishing point from the start. To do this, you lay down a platform of blocks, one at a time.
If you enjoy the challenge that puzzles offer, you should definitely give this game a shot. As you ascend, the difficulty level increases.
Get this game and gauge how good you really are at solving puzzles.

12. Candy Crush Saga

Everyone with an android phone has at least come across this game in the store. It has been with us for a while but it remains a favorite of many. Updates and improvements are constantly being made and if you are a Candy Crush addict, you must be well aware that there are new hacks in 2017.
This game pairs well with the phone, even with updates being made; you will never lose your progress or be forced to start afresh. Since its release 5 years ago, many are still playing this game. It is very interactive especially with fellow players but is just as much fun playing alone.
If you have never played it,you are missing out on great fun. See if you can match candies or achieve objectives without losing a life.


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