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Top 10 Awesome Kodi Skins To Use in 2017

lKodi is a media player that converts your device into a media server. It lets you stream content over the internet or plays them from your local storage. Kodi is easy to use media application. This media app uses Confluence skin by default. There is no denying that Confluence is a great skin. It has a nice layout that ensures great media experience. But, after a while, you might get bored and ask for something new, something fresh.

Thankfully, Kodi allows you to download and use third-party skins. The new skins change the way you interact with Kodi. They offer new look, layout, and navigation. Some of the skins can be customized to suit your personal preferences. While there are many free skins available on the internet, we spare you the effort of scouring and picking them from various websites. We have handpicked the top 10 and rounded them up here. We are confident you will love them.

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1. Amber

Amber is a great Kodi skin for a variety of reasons. For one, it lets you quickly switch between vertical and horizontal, menu bars. But, with a horizontal menu bar, the screen may look a bit cramped, especially when you tap the movie icon and the text details appear in the left pane. The good thing is that if you like to read the description of the movie or TV show before watching it, you could do it without scrolling. Amber is pretty lightweight and thus it can run seamlessly on all types of devices, big or small.

2. Aeon Nox 5

Aeon Nox 5 is one of the most widely downloaded and used third-party Kodi theme. It is a pretty glamorous looking theme. Although it has many eye-catching and bold visual elements, it is light on the system. You will barely notice any performance lags. This is perhaps the biggest reason why it is so popular. Whether you have the high-end Xbox or a low-powered Amazon Firestick, you can use it with all the devices.  There is an entire forum on Kodi community dedicated to this skin. You can find a lot of help and several mods on this forum.

3. Xperience1080

Xperience1080 offers a neat skin design with the focus on usability as well as visual appeal. This skin makes your Kodi experience a little more delightful than what it already is. It features panels allowing ease of navigation. The animations are smooth on almost all the devices. The built-in add-ons take the user experiences a few notches up. It is an easy to use skin and does not take too long to get used to. In spite of being a dark theme, it offers a good level of readability. It has borrowed many elements of material design.

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4. Mimic

If you are looking for a lightweight, neatly designed skin with easy to use interface that works on just about all the Kodi devices, Mimic will be a good pick. What we like the most about Mimic is that it is highly customizable. You could easily change the color scheme and personalize the skin in many different ways. The TV shows screen, however, looks a little cluttered and does not offer good readability. The movie page, however, is better laid out and well organized. All in all, it is a good theme to try. If you don’t like it, you can switch. It also offers touchscreen support, which is a big plus.

5. Black Glass Nova

It would be safe to say that Black Glass Nova is a fuss-less and simple skin for Kodi. It is neatly designed and renders well on displays of all sizes and resolutions. However, it has been optimized for large screen HD display devices. This is because it stuffs a lot of movie icons on one page. On the smaller screens, it becomes difficult to view them clearly. The theme can be customized in different ways to your liking. Homepage, settings menu, setup widgets and a lot of other elements can be easily personalized.  

6. Eminence

Eminence may not be as feature-rich as the other skins on this list. But, we really like the design of its interface. Eminence is a stylish looking Kodi skin that offers ease of use and navigation. It is extremely lightweight and thus runs fast on all the devices (even smaller ones like firestick). Unfortunately, Eminence does not offer you a lot of customization choices. So, you will pretty much need to do with what’s given.  Certain aspects of the skin have not been explained. For instance, you will see a number beside every title on the library page. In all likelihood, it is the movie rating, but the skin does not mention the source.

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7. ReFocus

Just like Amber, ReFocus Kodi skin lets you toggle between vertical and horizontal menu bar. It is not extensively customizable but you can personalize some elements including homepage, widgets and Fan Art. If you are watching a TV show which is currently in broadcast, this theme tells you how many more episodes you still need to watch to stay up to date with the broadcast. If you don’t want to comb through the long list of old shows, you can choose ‘New Episodes’ and you will see the list of the most recently aired episodes.

8. Transparency

Transparency is a pretty good looking skin for Kodi. It offers plenty of customization choices and lets you have your own homepage and fan art. It is well designed and easy to use. Transparency theme is reminiscent of those days when we used to listen to music through compact disks. There is a lot of retro feel to it. The movie page lists the movie cards horizontally, which you can cycle through. You can also read a good deal of description as Transparency accommodates lots of texts. But, when you go to the overview page of the movie or TV shows, you see a little translucent box on the bottom left with some texts. It does not tell you what this box is all about.

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9. Ace

Ace is one of the most customizable Kodi skins you will find. It makes sure that you never get bored of the looks as you can change them at will, anytime. Ace also lets you download more skins from the internet to allow you more options for personalization. You can personalize almost all the aspects of this theme. It has nice looking and functional TV show and movie pages. Ace has also given detailed attention to its music page. Ace is lightweight and works well on most of the devices; even the low-powered ones like firestick.

10. Nebula

One of the best things about Nebula is that it offers touchscreen support. Not many themes on this list can claim the same. Nebula features light background colors (usually different shades of gray). Nebula looks like a very simple and easy to use Kodi skin. It has made good use of the muted colors that look very elegant. Nebula theme is very soothing to the eyes. The movie page brings lots of movie images together. So, you may experience some difficulty viewing it on smaller devices like mobile phones. But, on the large HD screen, it looks stunning.  


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