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iMessage “Waiting For Activation”- [Error Fixed]

Have you also come across “waiting for activation” error while trying to activate iMessage on your iPhone. Today we are going to discuss in detail how to activate iMessage on iPhone without getting this “waiting” error. Bonus we will also tell you how to fix this error.

I know quite a lot of us who have purchased an iPhone charmed by the features iMessage gets us. Who knew iMessage would turn out to be so whimsical in working. The latest problem we’re being introduced to is iMessage waiting for Activation, and taking ages to actually get activated. We also tried to find out the error on our iPhone and came across this error i.e.,iMessage says waiting for activation.


iMessage takes a while to register you on its interface when you first download it. For most users, it is hardly a problem. The activation is done in a matter of seconds, however, new users still don’t know how to activate iMessage on their iPhone. Whereas there are also some users,who find themselves waiting for an indefinite period of time for the activation. And That isn’t what a global leader among internet messenger is supposed to deal out to its customers.

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iMessage Activation Fix: Before we begin:

There are a few things you can take care of before actually getting to the mainframe of the app and making changes. Here are a few easy things to take care of.

  1. Your internet messaging app deals with messages with a time tag. Your services could be getting erratic if this time is set improperly. Go to General Settings, enter “Date and Time” and correct the Time Zone. It is best to set it to “Set Automatically”, so you don’t have to worry about it when you travel or bother with Daylight Saving.
  2. Leave the WiFi/Data pack on. Confirmation and activation are often done online, and so a device with a good speed may get you a quicker response.
  3. Make sure you have proper network connectivity. Get outside if you’re in the basement, or in a building. Sometimes this might be all it takes to get your app activated.

Did you do all of these? Are you still stuck without activation? Well then, here’s what you can do.

iMessage: No more waiting for activation!

iMessage activation is not something you want to wait over. There are easy steps you can follow if your activations seems to be taking forever. Let’s go through some of them.

  • Trip the app on Airplane Mode

    This series of short steps should be able to guide you through tricking your app to reactivate, hopefully properly this time.

    #1 Disable iMessage and FaceTime from Settings. Disabling FaceTime is essential, because both of them register through the same details.
    #2 Turn on Airplane Mode, and toggle WiFi to start it too.
    #3 Re-enable iMessages (and Facetime, later on) from where you disabled it in Settings.
    #4 Enter your Apple ID and add it.
    #5 Disable Airplane mode and wait for the notification. IT appears in most phones, depending on the carrier and other settings.

    If this doesn’t activate your iMEssage either, try simply turning iMEssages on and off a few times till it works normally.

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  • Re-enter your Apple ID
    Sometimes, all you need to get several apps to work normally again is to Sign out and Sign right back in with your Apple ID on your Apple device. All relevant apps will be reactivated when you do so, and it may help your app reset as well.
    Go to “Send and Receive” under Settings to do this.
  • Get in touch with customer support
    A lot of times, your Mobile Carrier company’s customer care number can come to the rescue. Dial it up to talk with a representative and they’ll be able to guide you about any missing settings, configurations or details you might not find out yourself.
  • When nothing goes your way, Reboot
    Rebooting, Reseting the device or Restoring the app might be the last alternative you have to take. It should get the work done.

If none of these steps work, it is time to have a chat with your local Apple Store employee. They might be able to get your app activated. And there’s the warranty anyway, right?


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