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How to Remove Write Protection on SD Card – Five Methods Explained!

Using an SD card isn’t a nuisance unless it shows some weird write errors.

If you’re trying to transfer or delete files on an SD card, but constantly interrupted by a the disk is write-protected’ message, it suggests that the sd card write protected card or locked and cannot be used until you fix it.

You can turn a little impatient if you don’t see things with your SD card going well. However, the best thing is – removing write protection on an SD card isn’t a stretch and can be done easily.

Today, we’re going to explain exactly how to remove write protection on sd card with these five quick methods. If you’re also experiencing a bad day with unlocking your SD card, this post is the solution you need.

So, let’s check out what we’ve got for you.

Method One: Push the Slider Up On The Left

The first thing to look for is whether the physical switch given on the bottom left of the card is at the top or not. If it’s NOT, it’s locked, and so you’ve to toggle it up.

Place the SD card in a way that the label is upward. You’ll a see a tiny white or silver tab located at the bottom left, which has to be pushed towards the gold connectors. This will fix the remove write protection from sd card errors, and let you transfer and manage your data on the SD card.

Method Two: Look Into Card Properties & Space On Your PC

There is a possibility that you have turned on a specific setting on a PC that prevents writing on a removable device without even without it. This could be restricting you from managing your data on an SD card.

To turn it off, you need the follow the instructions below. Take a look.

  • On your PC, search for your SD card under Devices and Drives.
  • Once located, right-click it to reach Properties.
  • You’ll find a Write Protection option that needs to be toggled off.
  • This will disable write protection for removable devices on your PC.

Things You Must Know

  • Note that Write Protection option isn’t available on a few devices. If you can’t find it, you can consider other methods on the list.
  • Check the remaining storage capacity of your SD card. Make sure that the space on your SD card isn’t completely full, or else, you’ll still end up finding errors such as sd card is write protected. 

Method Three: Scan SD Card To Check Any Viruses

If there’s any virus, trojan, or other suspicious files corrupting your SD card, it will cause write protection issues. To clean them off, use a good antivirus protection software and fix things instantly.

Scan both your PC and the SD card to check for harmful files. Once the scan completes, try to transfer your data again. If you can do it successfully, bravo! you have solved the mystery of how to remove write protection on micro sd card.

Method Four: Change The Card’s Attributes On Windows

Another way to get rid of write protection on your SD card is via using the Command Prompt and Disk Partition tool. This is a bit lengthy method, but a sure-shot.

Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Right-click on the Start button (the Windows logo on the bottom left corner of the screen) and open Command Prompt.
  • Type Diskpart and hit Enter.
  • Once the diskpart opens, type List Disk to see all the disks and drives connected to your system.
  • Now, look for the SD card and note its number. Usually, it’s given towards the end of the list and looks smaller than other drives. If you’ve found your SD card labeled as Disk 1, type the command – Select Disk 1 and press Enter.
  • Type – Attributes disk clear readonly – command to remove the write protection status of your SD card.
  • This should remove all the errors and provide you the access.
  • Now, simply type – exit – and hit Enter.

Keep in mind that you should be logged in your device using an administrator account, which is important to open the Disk Partition tool.

Method Five: Remove SD Write Protection on Mac

Thinking of how to remove SD card write protection on a Mac? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Once you’ve plugged in an SD Card in your Mac system, check if there’s any file, having Read-Only status, on the card. It could be a potential reason that the whole SD card is locked.
  • If you’ve figured it out, change its status from Read-Only to Read and Write mode. To do this, click the file > select Get Info > go to Sharing & Permissions.
  • Now, open Spotlight (the magnifying glass tab given on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • A search bar will appear in the middle of the screen. Type Disk Utility on it and double-click once it appears to see all disks connected to your Mac.
  • Select the SD Card > then, First Aid, which will prompt a scan of your SD card.
  • This should remove the write protection errors successfully.

How to Remove Write Protection on SD Card- Conclusion

These are the 5 most recommended methods to remove write protection on an SD card. Don’t forget to tell us which solution helped you fix the write errors. If you have a query or want to lend your feedback, write it down to us in the comment section below.


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