How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on Snapchat (2019 Update)

It’s no secret that Snapchat is fun off the charts. It’s simple and lets you share moments in seconds.

The app has an interesting variety of filters and fun effects. Open the camera, select filters that weirdly change the way you look and burst into giggles.

And, don’t forget the games. Snapchat games are one hell of a time-sink altogether.

In this blog series, we will be discussing the Snapchat tips and tricks to know if someone has blocked you on the social platform. We have recently been bombarded with this one query, so without frittering the minutes away, we have decided to solve the confusion for you with this easy guide.

So, if you’re struggling to find out whether your ex has blocked you on Snapchat, but can’t figure out a way, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s dive right in.

Snapchat Tips and Tricks: How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You

This is one aspect of Snapchat nobody seems to have a crack through.

Snapchat, much like other social apps, has a privacy feature that lets you block the users. However, there are times when you want to know if you have been blocked by someone.

This guide explains three ways to help you figure that out.

Scan Your Contact List on Snapchat

This is the easiest way to get your curiosity sorted. Your Snapchat contact list can help you know if a particular contact has blocked you.

If you don’t see a contact on your list anymore, there is a strong possibility that you have been blocked. Alternatively, check if you are able to see their stories. If you can’t find any, alas you have been blocked.

To access your contact list on Snapchat, click ‘New Chat’ icon provided on the top-right corner of the chat screen.

Find the Person via His Snapchat Username / Full Name

Another way to check if you have been blocked by someone is to search them via typing their Snapchat username or their full name.

If you don’t find success in searching their account, chances are, you have been blocked.

However, just in case you find their account on Snapchat, you will not be able to add them back because when you click ‘add’, a prompt message will appear, saying ‘Sorry! Couldn’t find username.’

You will encounter such a scenario if you have been blocked very recently.

To find users via their usernames / full names, go to ‘Camera Viewfinder’ screen and tap on the search button.

Send a Message

You will not be able to send messages to a particular contact if you have been blocked. If you try sending one, a message saying ‘Failed to Send – Tap to Try Again’ will show up.

This will be the only confirmation you need. *wink*

Bonus Method: Create a Second, Brand-New Account on Snapchat

Alternatively, you can create a second account to check if a particular contact has blocked you. Snapchat doesn’t require you to enter a real email ID, except for the time it needs email verification.

Create a second account, which is a matter of seconds, and search for the user using his username or full name.

If they show up in your secondary account, it means that your main account has been blocked by them.

Final Words

That’s all for this guide on Snapchat. We will be covering a lot more about the app in the upcoming blog series, so stay tuned. For any queries, drop a line to us in the comments section below.

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