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How To Get- iOS Like Control Center On Android Phone

If you own a large Android smartphone, especially the one with 5-inch screen, you must have noticed that dragging down the notification center from the top takes some doing. It becomes all the more hassle when you have to pull it down frequently and that too with one hand. You may not necessarily be the fan of everything that’s Apple, but you may still want to borrow some features from the iOS handheld devices and smartphones. So we can’t borrow everything but we can get ios control center android on our smartphone.

iOS 9 Control Center is one of the many things that many Android users wished they had too. It allows you to bring up the control center by pulling it out from the bottom. This feature could be very handy if you have an Android with a giant screen. Even if you don’t have a large screen, you may still want to have the iOS-like panel on your Android device. So, here is the list of top 3 control panels you can install from Google Play Store to give the Control Center an iOS-like feel.

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Quick Control Panel

There are many apps that render the iOS Control Center lookalike on your Android device. However, Quick Control Panel seems to be the most thoughtfully designed app among all. It features a very neat design and smooth operation. Just like the iOS Control Center, you can pull Quick Control up from the bottom on the home screen. But, it is also available on the lock screen of your device. This control panel for Android is also very customizable and there is a good chance you will find the setting to your liking, especially if you have used an iOS device before.

This app does not have all the features of the iOS Control Center in android, especially the ones available on the latest iOS 10. However, it is still the best alternative out there. The toggles can be easily customized and if you need to launch the settings for a particular toggle you will just need to press it down for a few quick seconds. The developers of this app have made good use of the Material Design concepts. Go ahead and give it a try for a better mobile experience.

Quick Control Panel is totally free of cost.

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iNoty 10

This is another control panel that bears striking resemblance to the iOS Control Center. While Quick Control Panel retained its own features while giving you some familiarity with the iOS counterpart, iNoty 10 looks like a close blood relative of ios 7 control center. iNoty 10 for Android brings to you the dual panes, exactly the way you see it in the iOS Control Center. The first pane of the interface is for the toggles and quick access to some of the phone features. The second pane of the panel gives you access to the music controls.

In order to get the iOS lookalike Control Center on your Android phone, you will need to make some changes to iNoty 10 settings. Once you have installed this app you will first need to enable the feature called ‘iNoty Phone.’ This will instantly change the appearance of the notification center and status bar to resemble that of iOS. You will further need to enable the feature called ‘Control Smart’, which will finally give you the iOS style Control Center on your Android device.

iNoty 10 may not be as customizable as Quick Control Center but you can make some modifications. For instance, you can remove toggles and add the new ones. You can also replace the shortcuts. It also features a filter called ‘Night Shift’ for easy night viewing.

iNoty could have easily been your best choice. But there is one problem. You cannot use the iOS-like Control Center alone. It will convert your notification shade and status bar to iOS style too. If that’s not too much trouble for you, go ahead and install it on your Android device.

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Control Panel – Smart Toggle

Smart Toggle is much like a Swiss Army Knife tool for your device (that’s what its description says in the Google Play Store.) It does bring all your important Android toggles, switches, and app shortcuts at one place. However, if you have used any of the iOS devices recently you will find the design of Smart Toggle a little ancient. Nevertheless, we did scour the Play Store and found it to be meritorious enough to make it to the list. Control Center may not be as similar to iOS 9 Control Center like the other two we have discussed here, it is still pretty close. The panel of this app has just about everything you expect including shortcuts, toggles, music controls, brightness control, etc. You can also see the info related to battery, storage, memory, and the system date. The Pro version of the app also gives you the real-time information on the CPU usage.

Smart Toggle offers a decent level of customizability. You can add and remove the shortcuts and toggles as you like. You can also change the color of the panel. Smart Toggle is not what you will like to call feature-rich. But, those who are looking for something less complicated and fuss-free can give it a try. Get control center ios9 style with easy steps.


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