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Explained: How to Add Bots to Discord?

Discord is an incredibly popular chat service for the gamers worldwide and helps millions connect better and in real-time to discuss their frisky gameplays. If you’re a gaming nerd and not using Discord with the bots, you’re experiencing only a tiny fraction of the platform, which can be a mammoth fun ride otherwise.
So, to help customize your experience the way you like, we’ve come up with a guide to adding bots to a Discord server. Take a look.

How to Begin With Adding Bots to Discord?

Adding bots to a Discord channel is very simple, and requires a few prerequisites to tick off. All you need to do is the following things we’ve mentioned below:

  • Firstly, make sure that you’re logged in your Discord account.
  • Next, decide on the bots you need to add to your Discord channel. We’re assuming that you’ve already selected your picks and looking for a source where you can get them all. However, in case you haven’t, go to the unofficial Discord Bots website and choose your favorites among the thousands of them available out there.
  • Another option and a popular one at that to select bots is Carbonetix website ( – a directory of different bots you can utilize to enhance your experience. Our jury has touted Carbonetix as the best Discord bot libraries, having some of the most robust and popular bots people use for their channels.  

After laying out the prerequisites, here’s how you can add bots to Discord server. Check it out.

How to Add Bots to Discord

The Guide Begins

Let’s get one thing clear off first. You need to set up ‘Manage Server’ permissions for the Discord server you’re adding bots to. This is mandatory to do.

Now, let’s start with the guide.

  1. Navigate over to Carbonitex website, where you’ll see all the latest and famous Discord bots. Alongside, you’ll also see a Add Bot to Server tab.
  2. Select the bot of your interest and tap on ADD button.
  3. Make sure that you’ve logged in to your Discord account. In case you’ve missed doing so, you’ll soon be asked to enter your credentials for adding your preferred bots.
  4. Next, you’ll be directed to the authorization screen, where you need to click Select A Server from the drop-down menu. Here, you’ve to select the server you’re adding the bot to.
  5. Select the Authorize button. Doing so, the bot will be added to your Discord server. To be sure about it, look at the sidebar of the screen and you should see the bot appearing there.
  6. That’s all. Your bot has been added and is absolutely ready to upskill your game. Bravo!


An Interesting Tip

Every bot is different and has specific commands to its credit. To figure out all that stuff, go to Carbonitex website and select Usage option given next to each bot. You’ll come to know about the commands for the bot you’ve chosen. This is quite a handy way to familiarize yourself with the bot’s functioning and get around it.

How To Use The Commands?

  • Go to your Discord Channel, choose a message by selecting the bot, and type the command you’ve seen.

For instance: If a command says ‘send ++help to the bot’ to see the full command list, you need to type ++help in the message section and soon, you’ll be presented with all the commands you need to use the bot to the fullest.

Adding Discord Bots from GitHub

A number of Discord Bots are also hosted on GitHub for easy installs. The process is a tad different from others, which is why we’re providing you the link to GitHub installation guide.

Click HERE to know how you can add Discord bots from GitHub.

How To Give Roles To The Bots?

This is something not many web tutorials really guide you on. By giving roles to bots, you can differentiate them with the real players in the given server.

Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to your Discord Channel on the top-left of the screen and click on the down arrow to open the Server Settings.
  2. Under Server Settings, select the option that says Roles. Here, you can create a new role that will be labeled as a ‘bot’.
  3. You’ll have to click the + option at the top of the screen and title the new role as a bot. Going ahead, choose a role color as something that’s easy to see and recognize.
  4. Next, select Administrator option from the General Permissions and click Done.
  5. You’ll be taken to the main screen of your channel again, where you’ve to select the particular bot from the side bar and tap on the + button from the pop-up screen.
  6. Select the title you’ve created before. This will label the bot as bot and its color will be changed to the one for that specific role.

This is all we’ve have for this tutorial on how to add bots to Discord. For more updates on Discord and other accompanying information, keep watching this space. If you’ve something to add to this, you can drop a line to us in the comment section below.


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