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What’s Exactly Cooking With Google Allo!- Here's A Quick Guide

Google has waved its magic wand again, and three glorious apps have apparated. Welcome Google Allo, Google Duo and Google Trips, all three of which are raring to go. The least pronounced on the trio is Allo, which people have relegated to be just another Google attempt to take out messaging apps like WhatsApp beta and Facebook Messenger. But there is a lot going on with Allo that can very easily make it the perfect answer to all the popular apps on the genre.


Siri has a sister!

Allo now comes equipped with an “assistant” to sort all your stuff for you. Google Assistant comes after Windows too went the iOS way and produced Cortana for Windows 10. The assistant is available as a chat contact. And you can interact with them like it were a real person. The app picks up keywords and can google search, get you cabs, restaurants, movie timings and everything else under the sun in a neat link. It’s pretty well behaved too.

Chats are a lot simpler

You’d think that a google app would require you to have peoples’ gmail ids to talk to them. Well, you are wrong. The app is just the same as a messaging app in all respects. You can see which on your phone contacts have an Allo account, and you can go ahead and strike a conversation with them. The others can be invited. And within chats, you can get Google assistant to help you out, by simply typing your query followed by “@google”


Stay in touch even without Allo!

The app doesn’t discriminate based on whether your friend circle has the app or not. To get an idea, try messaging your friends who don’t have Allo installed. The messages you send them are delivered via SMS, so that all your conversations can continue despite, for example, a phone formatting.

Let your creativity run free

Like Kik Messenger, Allo allowes you to click photos and send them to your friends, and the camera screen doesn’t need to get bigger than your keypad, though it can go full screen if you want. But that’s old news, Like Snapchat, Allo now lets you doodle over your snaps to tell your stories better. Send your friends great photos with just a tap, color in whatever needs to be, add texts for narration, and top it off with some great stickers! This will probably shock the developers at Whatsapp who are currently trying out image doodling in Beta.

Emphasis comes with a swipe, not with Caps.

Stressing your point in a conversation now needn’t be done through caps lock. With easy swipes, you can change the size on your text, and deliver what you want to say with ease.

Messaging is now easier, personalized and private:

Incognito mode is a great way on keeping your chats with your friends between yourselves. It borrows from Chrome’s Incognito, which does the same but with your websites. In fact, you can also set a timer of the conversation after which it will be deleted. From both phones too! Remember Telegraph? Apart from that, Allo also learns your style on replying to texts, and with time you get more and more accurate options for what you would want to reply to a text from a friend. It is sort on like the Android Auto word suggest, but better!

How do we sum up Allo?

The app being available on both iOS and Android, and thus by extension Blackberry and Windows, there is hardly an excuse to not try it out. Allo boasts a unique concoction of tried and tested features as well as ones that are completely new. The interface could do with some work, but given how the app is basically an infant right now, there is much it will go through to metamorphosize into the app we expect it to be. Leave us your thoughts below.


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