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Top 15+Mp3 Music Downloader Android Apps for Free Music Downloads

There was a time when music lovers would lug the bulky music systems on their shoulders and go waltzing around as if nobody was watching. Then came along the walkmans that revolutionised the way we listened to the music on the go. Today, all we need is lightweight smartphones to enjoy our favourite music at all times, at all places, though you can also get your favourite songs from free mp3 download sites.


If you are a music lover and looking for free MP3 music downloader apps, for Android here is a quick rundown of some of best of them.

gtunes-music-downloader#1 GTunes MP3

This app is totally free and allows you to search for your favourite songs and download them in the MP3 format. You can also preview the songs before downloading them. But that is not it! It also comes packed with the basic editing features including splice and cut. This makes it a great tool to create custom ringtones.


#2 Google Play Music

Download this app from Google and get access to hundreds of thousands of songs from any genre you want. Not only can you download free MP3 songs but you can also create your own radio stations and custom playlists. Google Play Music also gives you song recommendation based on your history.

music-mania#3 Music Mania

Want to download the songs playing currently on the Amazon Store on your Android phone in the MP3 format? Music Mania is the radio app you should have on your device. This app allows you to listen to the songs and download from the most happening online radio channels.

supercloud-song#4 SuperCloud Song

SuperCloud is more like a search engine for the songs but also lets you download the music in the MP3 format on your Android phone. The app adds all your downloaded songs automatically the media library of your device. If you simply wish to stream the songs without downloading, you can do that too pretty easily.

itube-mp3#5 iTube Mp3

This is another great app to have on your Android device if you are looking to download your favourite MP3 music. The simple interface is pretty user-friendly and allows you to easily search and download the music of your choice. It also features a built-in music player. You could even use the songs as ringtones or notifications.

rockmyrun#6 RockMyRun

RockMyRun wouldn’t download the MP3 songs to your phone memory. But, it caches the music and allows you to listen to them even offline. That’s pretty much as good as downloading them. You may also call it a sports music app as it focuses a great deal on the powerful music to assist your workout session.

mp3-music#7 MP3 Music

This cool app lets you download MP3 music to your Android device from various websites. What’s really amazing is the fact that it has set no restrictions on the number of downloads. There is a music player to where you can see the artist info as well as the lyrics. It also features an equalizer, which is quite incredible.

rhapsody#8 Rhapsody

Another awesome free MP3 app that lets you easily stream and download the music over the internet. The sound quality offered by this app is pretty good. It also lets you create your own radio stations. If you need to share your favourite music on Social Media, there are buttons to do that.

tunee-music#9 Tunee Music

This is another great app that lets you stream and download songs in MP3 format, from a number of music websites, on your Android phone. Although it is no longer available on Google Play Store, you can still download the APK files from lots of websites.

4shared-music#10 4Shared Music

4Shared Music has its own huge repository of MP3 songs that you can play and download easily on your Android device. Just press and hold the title of the song you wish to download and only in a matter of seconds it will be on your phone. But there is something more! It also offers you free 15 GB space to upload your own titles. Isn’t it cool?

hd-video-downloader#11 HD Video Downloader

While primarily this app is used for downloading videos from YouTube on your Android phone, you can also convert the videos into MP3 format. So, just like Total Downloader, you can download song videos and convert them to MP3 audio.

#12 Rock Top 100


Are you a Rock music lover? If yes, this is the app you must definitely have. Not only does it allow you to listen to your favourite rock songs but also lets you download them in MP3 format to your Android phone.

music-top-100-hits#13 Music Top 100 Hits

This is another free MP3 app that lets you listen to the songs and download them on your phone whenever you want. You can search the music by title, artist, genre, and even region. You can also see the list of the top ranking songs country wise. You can preview any song before downloading it.

copyleft-mp3#14 Copyleft MP3

Copyleft is one of the best apps to stream and download unlimited free MP3 songs over the internet. This app features a very user-friendly interface and is pretty easy to use. You can also organize the downloaded songs into folders directly through the app.

free-mp3-downloads#15 Free MP3 downloads 

Another very popular app for listening to the music online and downloading them on your phone. You can download any song that has been listed as copyright free or is licensed for free use. All you need to do is simply tap the song you want to download and the app will save it on your SD card.

advanced-download-manager#16 Advanced Download Manager

Also popularly referred to as ADM, this app does not only allow you to download free MP3 songs but also the games and videos. It is one of the few apps that can play MP3 as well as MP4 format. It can download the songs in the background without affecting your phone operations.

music-download-elite#17 Music Download Elite

If you are a music enthusiast, this is one app you should definitely take a look at. Music Download Elite shows fetches large number of songs from all over the world. It is fast and extremely easy to use.

music-download-paradise#18 Music Paradise Download

Music Paradise Pro features a very simple and easy to use interface. You can search for anything that is audio including ringtones, songs, sound effects, short clips and more and download them for no cost at all. The search function is very fast and smart.

1312432#19 Music Junk

Music Junk features a comprehensive inventory of some incredible songs from all genres and regions. Searching for a song is easy through the simple and yet effective interface. It is a must-have app for all music lovers out there.


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