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10 Best FM Transmitter Apps For Android- How To Use Guide!

FM is amazing! You don’t have to carry around GBs full of music to entertain yourself while going on a run or moving in the car. You can just tap a button and chances are there is music your favorite song playing on one of the many stations your FM can catch with ease. That’s why FM is one such app that refuses to go obsolete. The app is still maintaining quite a notable presence on iOS as well as Android devices, though the face of the utility has changed quite a bit.


Moving forward, today we are going to discuss the 10 FM transmitter apps for Android that are completely different from the traditional FM app you get on your phone. Here are some good FM apps you should give a try.

FM Player

fm-playerBeginning with the simplest options out there, FM Player is something as dialed down as an app can get while still retaining functionality. The app doesn’t use your internet; only your inbuilt FM capabilities. That’s right! The app is only going to work if your cell phone is FM enabled. Oh, and yes, it must be a Motorola device.


Why then did I place it on this list? Because it is among the lightest apps around! Without even being a whole MB in size, FM Player enables you to access radio stations you like with a simple flick of the finger! It is really all you want to have on an FM player; small size, clear reception and a neat, uncluttered screen to choose your options from.

Radio FM

Radio FM makes your job easy. It already has the top radio stations rounded up for you to be tapped upon once to access. There are also radio stations for you to access via a really simple search interface. The genres are numerous as well; right from pop, to Talk shows, News, Sports, Alternative, and Latino.


If you have 3G, 4G or constant WiFi, this app really never disappoints. On a 2G? Well, in that case, let’s just say there are better options for you below.

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TuneIn Radio – Radio & Music

tunein-radio-radio-musicTuneIn Radio is really a treat if you love sports radio. The app does have a lot of music channels you can play, and also cast, share and explore for similar music. But the app also has a lot of hard to find content like quality sports channels, talk radio and news.

The app has a premium version where you can get over 40,000 audiobooks to enjoy, and exclusive access to more than a whopping 600 ad-free music channels!


The app in its unpaid version has a few banner ads that pop up once in awhile, but it’s nothing compared to the music you get to listen for free!

Radio Online – PCRADIO



A pretty sexy, dark background laying out all the apps for you in a white font, with smartly located buttons to make your music easy to access; PCRADIO is really a dream app. The app works on a slow internet as well; and gets boredom out of the car on road trips, picnics, and other settings. You can control the app through your headset, which is pretty rare. It also consumes as little battery as possible. The app’s looks really take the crown. Really, try it out!


radio-net has editor’s picks for music really recommended to be listened to, title info to help you know more about the song playing, channel bookmarking, searching for similar stations and more. Bowing to popular demand, the app has also enabled the app to be Chromecasted to a bigger device. The app lets you save songs you like, turns into a rag tag alarm clock, and a whole bunch of cool stuff over its suave interface.


Simple Radio by Streema 

Simple Radio does exactly what you’d expect from the name; it simplifies the interface to make your app a whole lot easier to manage. There are no pointless frills on the app. With a clean user interface, you need only tap once to get your favorite station playing, and twice to change channels. There are no silly interruptions to buffer content (unlike with YouTube Music). It is easy to search, and the no-nonsense design is quite refreshing.


myTuner FM Radio – Free Radio



myTuner FM Radio enables you to search music playing on the air waves based on genre, and it also covers both AM and FM. There are podcasts, online radio from over 150 countries, which totals to whopping 30,000 radio stations. Search based on genre, city, format, country and more.


iHeartRadio Free Music & Radio 

iHeartRadio is really the app for Radio junkies. There are podcasts you can tune into, along with live talk shows, popular stations from all over the country, news, sports and more to follow with a few taps on the app. “Perfect For” is a pretty innovative idea the app incorporates, where you have songs perfect for the little moments in life where a little background score can help you out.


For when you’re going on a road trip, working out or simply doing some cleaning around the shelves, iHeartRadio’s playlists have the motivation part covered. Pick out your songs from a library on over 20 million tracks, featuring the biggest pop stars and all sorts of music genres.

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Spotify Music 

OK, Spotify might not exactly be what comes to your mind when you say FM Player. But the app has all the features to be one, though it is also much much more. Spotify’s snazzy layout, the readymade playlists, unintrusive ads and all other features work in admirable synchronicity to get you the best time listening to music you like.


Spotify Premium comes without ads, with music download enabled and enhanced sound quality. Spotify is a pretty popular choice too, so you might find a good number of people in your circle already on it.

NextRadio Free Live FM Radio 

The cool thing about NextRadio is that it uses 92% less data than streaming apps like ShowBox, and consumes 75% less battery! Next Radio carries a Live Guide to tell you what’s playing of which channel, and then you can navigate to the channel on your choice in an instant, thanks to the well thought-out interface.


The app also displays artwork, gets you buy links and saves a history of the songs you have listened to so you can access them again when you need to.

Wrap Up

There has never been a better time to be a music freak. With all these apps vying to get music playing on your Android device, and tens of songs from tens of genres available right at your fingertips, is there any reason not to get these apps right now?


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