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[Working] FaceTime for Android (Includes FaceTime Alternatives)

Facetime for Android: What on Earth makes Apple deny the utility of FaceTime to Android and Windows users? Well, this single factor can exhort a many to shout their grumpy slogans against Apple’s nonchalance. Can’t it? It has been long since millions of enthusiasts insisted on having an Android-friendly version of FaceTime, while giving their two cents on the issue of unavailability. However, the bottomline still remains unchanged. Apple has no future plans to launch a compatible version for Android interface, but some with cerebral pursuits have invented a plenty of workarounds, and after knowing it, we vouch that you would not stop raving about them. Just for your information, we can download Facetime for PC using android emulator.
facetime for android
Apple is a name synonymous with tech masterstrokes. Swearing by the values of bringing innovation and action to the arena of technology, it has unveiled a huge spectrum of devices and applications to the world, and left nothing like the past. Apple has a magic wand, it seems, with which it can sublimate even a raw idea into a real marvel, and success readies itself to hug it. FaceTime is a part of its grand legacy, which is designed for nothing, but snowballing downloads and endless praises.    

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Know Your Application – FaceTime

Whatever comes down on the platter from the mills of Apple has its own uniqueness and singularity. FaceTime is power-packed with both such factors, enough to make users smile with all their hearts.
Let’s build a pyramid of words on FaceTime’s workability.
FaceTime is a videotelephony application from Apple, launched in September 2013, which allows iUsers to interact via one-on-one video calls. The application soon notched the Numero Uno position on the charts with its ease, spontaneity and luxury. It is available for use for all extended i-Platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and Mac computers, which is indeed a satisfying stuff. What adds more stars to its starry functionality is the facility to communicate using not only the rear camera, but also the front-end camera with just the right amount of background appearing on the chat screen.
FaceTime is an integrated voice calling feature by Apple, which is available free of cost to the users, and runs on a local Wi-Fi connection or an Apple ID.
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  • A user can send invitations to friends for chats;
  • Video Clarity par excellence;
  • An easy-to-use interface; everything comes with a single-click;
  • A clear record of calls made and received;
  • Less data consumption;

Facetime Alternatives

Apple’s FaceTime has a cut above the other applications for sure, but the only lacuna, which can possibly put a damper on the hopes, is the difficulty to replicate it on Android. The application only works for iOS ROM, and Android is simply an alien territory to this application. However, there are still a number of giveaways that could help you doing what FaceTime is known for – Good, Qualitative Video-Chat. They are Google Hangouts, Viber, Skype, Line and Tango.
However, if you have an obsessive attachment to FaceTime, we are here to suggest to you the jailbreak.


  • Download FaceTime Apk file on an Android device;
  • Once it completes, click the ‘installation’ button;
  • Open the file, which would be in the ‘My Apps’ section;
  • Select the person on the application with whom you want to roll out the talks;
  • For a new conversation, type the person’s name or his email address;
  • This completes the process. Let’s confab.

We are of the opinion that this article would be of high assistance to you, and guide you till you achieve your goal. All the best!


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