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ES File Explorer File Manager For Android- Free Download

There is no dearth of file manager apps for Android. But ES File Explorer just stands out. The app’s color scheme, the customizability, and utility are unmatched. But if you think that’s a lot, you’ll be surprised by all the amazing stuff that ES File Explorer can do, which not many others can. And this unmatched utility is what is behind the app’s surging popularity.


What can ES File Explorer do?

ES File Explorer may present itself as a file explorer a la Windows’. And indeed it is one. But it is also so much more. The app can best be summed as several apps in one. ES File Explorer can act as a file manager, app manager, task killer, FTP client, Cloud storage system and so much more. The app also has multimedia playing functionality. Here’s a short list of all the things you can do with your ES File Explorer app.

  • Cut, copy and paste files, folders, documents, videos, audio and everything else. Back stuff up, rename stuff to keep it organized and have all sorts of fun with it.
  • Let the app detect useless data piled on your SD card, so you can think of stuff to remove right away. Redundant files, unused stuff, big files that might not be worth the memory space they’re occupying; get them all out!
  • Those with rooted devices are going to love ES File Explorer’s enhanced file management abilities. Modifying permissions is especially convenient.
  • Store stuff of the cloud. It need not clog your device when ES is around.
  • File transfer through Bluetooth and WiFi (yes, WiFi!) will get you connected with your friends and family much more than of any other platform.
  • Backup apps to reinstall later without having to login to the Play Store over and over.

How amazing can an app get?!

What’s new with ES File Explorer?

ES File explorer has recently launched a slew of new features for users to enjoy. The Sender feature that shares your data with friends over WiFi or hotspot was added in the latest version. The ClipBoard now has a floating button in the settings, in case you want to review what you have just copied or cut. The app’s backup, restore and other facilities too have been optimized for time efficiency.


How to get ES File Explorer for Android?

ES File Explorer is pretty easy to get for Android users. The app sits pretty right in the Play Store, and you need only press the Install button.


  • Launch the Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for ES File Explorer in the search bar.
  • Open the app’s page and press “Install”.
  • You need to then read the permissions requested. If you agree, you may proceed to click Install.
  • That’s it! In a few seconds, you are ready to enjoy the utility on ES File Explorer right on your very own Android device!

You might also consider getting the app’s apk file from the internet if you’re not interested in using the Play Store. ES File Explorer APK file can be found on various third party websites and app stores.

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ES File Explorer can also be similarly downloaded for Blackberry. All one needs is the apk file. Windows PC can get the app too, using an Android Emulator to intermediate. All in all, ES File Explorer is a pretty decent app that is almost an essential. Given how Android’s own file browsing capacities are uninspiring at best, having a good file manager is vital. If you’re not fond of ES, you might find alternatives like Astro viable.


Do leave us your queries in the comments below. We’ll be back with more news and feature articles from the world of apps. Till then, see you!


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