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How To Disable Or Enable Google Hangouts Last Seen Feature

It’s been a while since Google added the ‘Last Seen’ feature to the Hangouts. Along with it, another feature was added which lets you see the device on which the users are accessing the Hangouts from. Last Seen feature is quite common across the instant messaging apps; WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik and other instant messaging services already had this feature on one form or the other. For instance, WhatsApp shows ‘Last Seen’, while Facebook Messenger displays ‘Last Active.’ Both are more or less the same.


For many people, Last Seen is a breach of privacy and thus they may want to turn off last seen hangouts. If you wish to learn how to disable Google Hangouts Last Seen feature, here are some simple ways you can do it.

Table of Contents

Web Client


  1. Open the Hangouts web client link in your browser.
  2. Sign in with your Google ID if you are not signed in automatically.
  3. Click the Menu on the top left corner (three horizontal lines one over the other).
  4. Click the Settings submenu.
  5. In the Settings section, right at the top, you will see the option “Show when you were last seen online” with a checkbox.
  6. Uncheck this option to disable the last seen for on the web client.

If you have configured more than one Google Ids in your browser, you will need to disable the last seen for each one of them separately.

This will disable the last seen across all the devices for the particular Google Id. You will not need to change the settings manually on each device. This saves you time and efforts.

Disable Last Seen – Hangouts App

If you wish to disable the last seen using the app, you can do that too pretty easily. The process differs for Android and iOS devices.

  1. If you are using an Android device, launch the Hangouts app and tap on the Menu icon on the top left corner (three horizontal bars one over the other, also called Hamburger menu).
  2. Now tap on Settings and select the ID for which you wish to disable the last seen.
  3. If you have only one ID configured, you will not need to make the choice.
  4. On the next screen, tap Share your status.
  5. Here you can turn the Last Seen option off.


If you are using Hangouts on your the iOS device (such as iPad or iPhone) you can tap on Settings directly on the app screen and then choose “Status”. Instead of Last Seen, you will see Last Active. You can turn the toggle off to disable the last seen status.


Disbale Last Seen – Gmail Interface

If you don’t use the Hangouts app or the web client, or simply wish to turn the last seen feature off through the Gmail interface, you can login to your Gmail email client in your browser and turn it off.

This may get a little tricky if you are still using the old Gmail chat.

  1. As you would know, the chat list appears on the left sidebar of the Gmail web client. There, you can also see your user image. Next to the image is the small arrow pointing downwards.
  2. Click on the arrow and if you see “Try the new Hangouts” right at the top on the pop-up menu, it means that you are using the old Gmail chat. Click “Try the new Hangouts” and the Gmail client will reload with new Hangouts.
  3. Now you will see your name appearing along with your user image. By your name is the small arrow.
  4. Click the arrow and uncheck the option “Show when you were last seen online”.
  5. This way you will be able to disable the last seen across all devices on which you are using Hangouts.


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