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How to Download and Run Call of Duty Mobile on Android Devices?

Unless you have been living under a rock, it’s nearly impossible that you haven’t heard about the launch of Call of Duty: MOBILE. Yes, the iconic first-person shooter franchise has come to Android and iOS, and needless to say, there is a tremendous cheer across the gaming landscape.

Watch the Announcement Trailer:

One of the major developments is the launch of beta version of the game for a selected few across the globe earlier this week. And, as customary with such a massive announcement, everybody is hurtling in to get first-hand experience of the game. However, with a limited number of invites that have been sent out, chances are you haven’t received the access to the game yet.

Well, don’t lose the hope already, since we have curated a guide that can help you install and run Call of Duty Mobile pretty easily on your Android device. Note that we have covered the process perfectly to its last detail, so as to help users download the game as fast as possible. So, let’s start!

Install Call of Duty Mobile on Android

  1. Begin with downloading the Call of Duty Mobile APK for APK Mirror. Wait for a few seconds till the download ends.

  1. Navigate to this link and download the ZIP file. This is the OBB file, which is important to run the game on Android device.

  1. Next, unzip the ZIP file you have just downloaded and extract it to ‘Android/obb’ using the file manager of your preference. Your default File Manager might do the job easily if it supports unzipping files. If not, you can try Solid File Explorer.

  1. Now, install the Call of Duty Mobile APK you downloaded in the first step. Give the required permissions, create credentials and let the shooting commends.

Bear in mind that Call of Duty Mobile is available in closed beta and evolving. Any progress into the game will be eventually lost once the game gets launched. So, it is better that you play it as a pastime, and don’t take any milestone too seriously. Another downside with the beta version is the frequent network errors and downtimes, which can rile you up. So, keep your calm and be patient.

Call of Duty: Mobile will be eventually improved with lots of customizations, maps, mods, arsenal and more, and will provide an immersive gameplay. Till then, relax!

Reasons Why Call of Duty: Mobile Deserves a Hoot of Applause

  • Edgy, Dynamic Gameplay that Brings Action-Packed Battles in Full Glory

Currently, Call of Duty: Mobile offers intense battle royale scenes in the one mode, Team Deathmatch. For the uninitiated, Team Deathmatch is a 5-on-5 unbridled combat action, where the first team scoring 40 kills wins.

Once an operative is downed, he can respawn as many times as he wants. However, achieving more and more kills is the ultimate winning strategy. As far as weaponry is concerned, the game packs a primary weapon, a knife and grenades as your arsenal. The more kills you achieve, the more weapons you unlock.

All in all, Call of Duty: Mobile is a game straight out of a hardcore gamer’s imagination. It’s stress-heavy. It’s deep. And, it’s a pure time-sink. As of now, you can choose only two maps, but be assured of several exceptional roll-outs in the days to come.

  • Battle Arenas are Intricately Designed and Make for a Killer

Call of Duty: Mobile has been set against deeply engaging world scenarios, which promise an immersive experience. We are amazed at how seamlessly the mobile version pulls out almost the same levels of visual excellence, if not better, as the game’s PC version. Once you’re inside the game, you’re completely into it, treading maps and shooting on a spree without paying heed to the time.

The game is profound with every aspect—from character animations, explosions, bullet impacts, and environmental details—designed with unmistakable precision. Though Team Deathmatch maps aren’t large, they do offer infinite exploration range.

We played on different Android handsets and managed to get smooth frame rates. There was no screen tearing or glitches to spoil the experience. To stretch it further, we changed the ‘Frame Rate Mod’ to ‘Very High’ and faced no quality loss.

And remember that the game is still in beta. We could only imagine gleefully what lies ahead.


Call of Duty: Mobile is a solid game and impresses. We have to give it to Activision and Tencent for doing justice to its towering reputation in the markets already. Finally, we can see a competitor to PUBG Mobile and the one with great promise of sweeping the entire gaming landscape. The final version of the game has ‘Zombie’ and a ‘Battle Royale’ mode as well, which clearly suggests how big this game would be. We are clearly excited. Are you? Let us know in the comment section below.


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