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An Easy Guide To Disabling Avast Antivirus- Updated 2018

Protection software like Avast offers an advanced level of security and creates a protective layer over your operating system. That’s good for the most part. However, sometimes it interferes with some programs; even the legitimate ones. In such a case, you may need to disable Avast or turn off some of its features. Also, if you are setting up a different firewall system or installing another protection program, some or all of the Avast shields may cause conflicts. In this article, we will learn how to disable Avast temporarily as well as permanently. We will also look at how to turn off specific shields.

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How to Disable Avast Antivirus in Windows 10 and Mac OS?

  • Click the arrow sign (^) from the bottom right corner of the taskbar and right-click on the Avast icon.

  • This will open a pop-up menu.

  • There, go to ‘Avast Shields Corner’, which will open a sub-menu on the side.

  • Now, choose the time for which you want to disable Avast, like ‘Disable for 10 minutes’ or ‘Disable for 1 hour’.

  • Select ‘Yes’ to confirm that you want to proceed with the action. That’s it.

Alternate Method: Disabling Individual Avast Shields

To update you on how Avast works, let us tell you that the software offers you four levels of protection. These are:

  • File System Shield: Protects various types of files on your computer.
  • Mail Shield: Plays an active defence for malicious mails.
  • Web Shield: Keeps a check on the websites for any suspicious behavior.
  • Behavior Shield (introduced in 2017): Monitors the behavior of programs running on your system, which might have cleared the initial security checks, but causing trouble later. If anything fishy comes to light, you’re soon alerted for it. 

So here, you disable Avast by going into the antivirus software itself and turning off these individual shields. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Open Avast, go to Settings and select Components.

  • This will open the list of Avast Shields that are currently active and protecting various aspects of your device.

  • Navigate to ‘File System Shield’ and you’ll a ‘Customize’ tab right in front of the shield.

  • Turn it off. You’ll be given time options in a sub-menu to choose and block the individual shield feature, like ‘Stop for 10 Minutes’, ‘Stop for An Hour’ and ‘Stop Until Restart of Computer’.

  • Once you’ve chosen the time limit, the shield will be disabled. It will show up in red color.

  • In case you wish to turn it back, click the same ‘Customize’ tab and it will turn green again.

As you may have figured, if you choose ‘Stop permanently’ the shield will remain disabled until you manually turn it on.

As long as any shield is turned off, the main screen of Avast will continue to show the warning message ‘You’re vulnerable.’ This is exactly what we said before.

Just below the warning message, you can see ‘Some shields are turned off. Turn ON.’ Click ‘Turn ON’ and you will turn on all the shields you disabled. You don’t have to go to the section where the list of the shields is displayed to turn them back on.

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Uninstall Avast

If you have been trying to resolve a specific issue with Avast for which you turned the shields off or disabled the program, make sure you turn them on once the issue is taken care of. But, as you may know, antivirus and protection programs often end up in a conflict with other programs of the same nature.

When you try to install some other antivirus on online protection program while Avast is still installed you may hit the roadblock. If that is the case, the only option would be to uninstall Avast and remove its files from your computer.

You must take this action only when you know your computer will stay covered even after Avast is removed. There is no denying that Avast is a good antivirus program but there are others as well that can provide equal or better level of protection.

To uninstall Avast, click Start Menu and then click ‘All Programs’. Now, scroll and locate the Avast folder. Click the folder and you will see the ‘Uninstall’ icon. Click to remove this program from your computer.

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How to Disable Avast- Conclusion

Disabling Avast permanently or temporarily is easy. You can also turn some specific shields off when you need to. But, this may leave your computer vulnerable to threats. This is why be wary of what you are doing and take the steps only when you have put the measures in place to handle the consequences. 

When you disable Avast completely, you are turning off all the antivirus functions of this protection program. This means you will be exposing your computer to all the threats and malicious elements that lurk on the internet all the time unless of course, you have some other protection software installed. Before turning off Avast completely, you would like to be aware of all the risks the action poses. If you do not have any other protection on your computer, be circumspect of the websites you are visiting. In simple words, you must know exactly what you are doing if you intend to take such a step.  

That said we are certain you have thought it over and you have your reasons. Turning off or disabling Avast is very easy.  Here is what you need to do.


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