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Clan Names Like No Other: CoC And Clash Royale Names For Your Clans

When you match up with another player or a group of players, you have your username expressing your individuality. But it is so tough to find a name that really conveys how awesome you imagine your group to be in the leaderboards. One representation of your clan is the icon you carry. But the more impressionable is your clan name aka cool clan names.

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How To Make A Unique Clan Name:

If you’re confused on what to call yourself, here are some pointers to keep in mind. These are just the rules you need to follow while making your cool clan names. The name you make is at your discretion: Lets discuss some of the cool names for coc players.

  • Make sure the name is unique and doesn’t have too many characters so it makes an impression.
  • 20 characters is the limit to how long you can keep the name, and you may incorporate numbers and alphabets, along with underscores and punctuation marks.
  • Take a poll with your friends on good names, so everyone finds it easy to relate to the team.
  • Remember to not use expletives, offensive words or other inappropriate phrases lest you face action or negative attention.

Great Names To Call Your Clash Of Clans And Clash Royale Groups:

If you’re confused on what to call yourself, this list of amazing names might help you. If you’re still not sure you like one of these, you can always mix two or more together, or remove a word, add fancy spellings, characters and numbers too. The possibilities are endless! Here are some of the best clan names for Clash Of Clans

Clash Amigos 50 Halos Artemis Yes We Clash Men and Monsters Fierce Fighters
Clash for Glory 3 Crowns or Crust Minions and more Pizza Baby Dragon is Bae The Formidables
Clash Insanity Full Blast The Card Machine PomPoms for Perry Fast Friends Beasts vs Bozos
Royale This Shit Up Volume 100 Royale Bigwigs Clash in Cali Ferocious Beasts Bottoms up
Clash Cosplay Royale hunters Eat Pray Royale Kansas Clash Ring Ding Ding YouTube Inc
Spartan Play Clan Supreme Get Gatorade Geek Alliance Bust Some Tower 3 Crowns and chill
Of Fire Canada Leo and Lions Golden Gaggle Volcano That CoC clan
Game On Fleek Easy Victory Coaches Clash Compete Supernova Valor and Victory Apples and Pies
Radioshack Potato Anomaly Edge of Awesome S.U.P.E.R. Blue and Yellow Ladder to Victory
Clash Titans Al and 49 others Brothers In Arms Make CoC Fun Again Legends vs Legends Bob Hat

These 60 cool clan names should give you a few ideas to make your own names. You can use these too! If the name is taken, try omitting or replacing characters with numbers or symbols. Mix and match a few names and basically, just have fun with it! cool names for coc players are yours to customize. Happy Gaming!


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