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How To Convert YouTube To WAV- A Complete Guide with Detailed Steps

You liked a song on YouTube and now you wish you could listen to it at will without having to access YouTube again. In that case, you would like to convert the YouTube to wav or any other audio format. Users not just wish to download songs but other videos as well, such as tutorials, motivational videos and more.

Converting YouTube to Wav is quite easy. All you need is a right tool for this purpose. In this guide, we will tell you how you can convert YouTube videos to wav without any hassles. The videos saved in audio format will be available on your local storage. You can download them on your computer hard drive or phone memory.

How To Convert YouTube To WAV- A Complete Guide with Detailed Steps

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Why Convert to Wav Format?

There are some good reasons why you would want to convert a YouTube video into Wav format. Its really easy task coz of youtube to wav converter.

Converting and downloading the video on your local drive (hard drive or phone memory) allows you to access it offline at your own leisurely time. This has two-fold benefits. Firstly, if you need to access the video again and again, you will not need to use the data every time. You will need the internet only at the time of downloading it. Secondly, if you are in the area where there is no internet connection (such as inside an airplane), you will still be able to access the videos.

youtube to wav

Converting YouTube to .wav has one more benefit. If you like a song on YouTube but do not want to watch the video, you can convert it into the audio format. You can listen to the audio whenever you want to.

Many people like choosing Wav over the other more popular formats, such as MP3. This is because MP3 uses higher compression and results in quality loss. On the other hand, Wav is almost lossless (but the file size is bigger.)

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Using Online Video Converter

A lot of users who wish to convert YouTube to Wav may not like the idea of installing a desktop program on their computer. For them, an online video converter is a more viable option. Thankfully, there are a number of online video converters that can download the YouTube videos in the Wav format on your computer or smartphone. is one of the most popular sites for downloading the YouTube videos onto the computer in the desired format. The site is pretty well designed and has a very neat layout. The user interface is simply allowing you to easy navigate through various options. Not only does it support the .wav format but you can convert the YouTube videos in to many other audio and video formats as well. You simply need to access the website, provide the YouTube video URL and choose the desired format.

Here are some top features of this website:

  • It is totally free of cost
  • It offers protection against viruses and spyware
  • You don’t need to install anything on your computer since it is a web-based converter
  • It supports a wide range of audio and video formats

This site has some drawbacks as well. The speed of conversion is not as high as you may like. Also, the output quality may vary across formats and it may not always be desirable. But, honestly speaking, this is the problem with most of the online converters and hence we have to live with what we have.

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Here is how you can convert YouTube to Wav using this website:

  • Visit on your computer or mobile phone
  • Click on the box labeled ‘CONVERT A VIDEO LINK / URL’
  • Type in or paste the YouTube URL for which you wish to have the Wav audio
  • From the ‘Format’ drop-down menu select the ‘.wav’ format
  • Click ‘Start’ button
  • This will start the conversion process; once the file has been converted you can save it at the desired destination on your hard drive

Under the ‘Format’ drop drown menu there is a ‘More Settings’ option. You can click on it to choose the start and end time of the video for conversion. By default, the entire video is converted from the beginning to the end. To specify custom conversion period, you need to uncheck ‘Start of Video’ and ‘End of Video’ checkboxes. So Now you know how to convert youtube to .wav and which are the sites which help you to convert youtube to wav.


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