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The smartphone user now has the perfect way to kill time and stay entertained. With Color Switch in your Apple or Android smartphone, you can have fun training your reflexes, forming strategies of overcoming levels that progressively get tougher. The app has seen millions of downloads, and the number is only set to rise.

What’s So Great About Color Switch?

Color Switch is the number one addictive game of the year. The app has been received the prestigious Editor’s Choice tag on the Play Store, so you can know this app is certainly not one to miss. Color Switch is the perfect example of the concept that a simple app with iconic graphics becomes a record-breaking entertainer. Isn’t that true in hindsight? I mean, look at Mario or tile matching games!

Anyway, here’s what the game is about:

  • Tap to make the ball jump. Keep at it, because the ball falls down too.
  • Pass the ball through similar colors to collect stars.
  • Avoid obstacles on other colors or have your ball destroyed.
  • The four colored ball switches your color, so keep your eyes wide open to register the new color and make your escape to higher levels.

How To Get Color Switch For Your Smartphone?

Lucky for Android as well as iOS users, the game is readily available to be installed on both OS. Here’s how:

  • Go to the app store on your device.
  • Search for Color Switch in the Search bar.
  • Open the page of the game.
  • Click “Install” or “Get”, depending upon your device.
  • Go through the permissions before agreeing to get the app.

In a matter of seconds, you can be sure to get the app ready on your device.

Color Switch APK:

You can also get the app outside the Play Store via the apk file. Color Switch apk file can help you set up the game not only in Android; but also on Blackberry and Windows PC, though the latter necessitates an Android Emulator.

To get Color Switch over Windows, follow these steps:

  • Download an Android Emulator. BlueStacks might do the trick.
  • Install it on your PC. Save your data and close all programs before, so you may restart the device when prompted.
  • Login to the newly installed app using a Gmail account. This will enable you to access the Play Store directly via the emulator.
  • Now go to the Play Store and find Color Switch. Press Install.
  • If you have a Color Switch APK though, right click the file. The apk file can be obtained from the internet for free.
  • Press Open With and choose the emulator.
  • The installation completes in a matter of seconds. Wait for the notification.

In no time, you can enjoy unlimited gaming on any device you like. Is there any reason to skip this amazing game from your gaming experience?


Color Switch has fast become the darling of the smartphone generation. The craze refuses to die. With progressively complex and hard levels and a pace not many can claim to keep up with, the game is pretty much posed to be the app of the year. In our next post, we will be telling you more about how to download Color Switch for PC, not only this we will also reveal some of the major Color Switch cheats that would help you become a master of this game.


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