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How to Automatically Clear Space Used by iMessage in iOS 11? Here’s the Answer

iMessage is a standard texting app for iOS and packs a slew of amazing features. While we already know all that jazz, a pretty important thing about iMessage to know is that it hogs a lot of storage space on your device. The app houses a huge chunk of conversations, images, and attachments, which eats up the precious bytes and leaves your device cluttered. This is why, if you ever plan to free some space on your iOS device, you should first erase those lengthy, bulky conversations this messaging platform stores.

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Now, clearing individual chats isn’t a feasible thing to do. Because not all shared messages are unnecessary. There might be a few really important ones, which you don’t want to get deleted. At the same time, navigating through a chat thread and sifting out the redundant messages would be such a tiring process. We mean, who has the time to scour through entire chat messages, which could be a couple of months or years old, and delete the selected ones? It’s impossible for us, and we’re sure that you aren’t liking the premature idea of doing it either.

Thankfully, a lot of things have been simplified with the latest iOS 11, including how you deal with a storage-hogging app like iMessage. With the new version, the iMessage has been made more intuitive than before and you can easily auto-delete old and redundant messages on iPhone and iPad. We’ll be explaining all that in the next couple of minutes. Keep reading.

Deleting Old Messages in iOS on iPhone & iPad

iOS 11 has simplified messaging to a significant length. Out of all the amazing new features, auto-deleting iOS messages is the one to watch out for. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone or iPad and scroll down to ‘General’ option.
  2. Choose ‘iPhone Storage’ and select ‘Messages’.
  3. Inside, you’ll see a couple of space-saving suggestions, such as ‘Offload Unused Apps’, ‘Auto-Delete Old Conversations’ and ‘Review Large Attachments’.
  4. Enable them all. You’ll soon see a green tick, indicating that the options have been activated.

However, deleting old messages in iOS requires more knowledge, which is why we’ll explaining each of the suggestions separately for better clarity.

Offloading Unused Apps

This one is the most handiest way of clearing up space on your iOS device. This programs your device to identify the unused apps and delete them automatically when the storage space on your device hits a low. Enabling this, you’ll no longer have to delete the unused apps manually since your latest iOS will be doing it for you. And yes, the documents and data, if any, will be saved. If you reinstall the app, you’ll get all your data back for download.

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Auto-Deleting Old Conversations

Below the offload feature, you’ll find an option to auto-delete old conversations. If you activate this, all messages, which are a year old, will be deleted automatically. While this is very convenient, the only caveat is that you cannot retrieve the deleted messages. What’s lost is lost.

Review Large Attachments

Again, a very intelligent addition to iOS that lets you detect the largest files, be it an image or mail and delete it. As the files crop up, just tap on a file to view the details and swipe left to junk it. If you wish to delete multiple files, just tap on the ‘Edit’ option in the upper-right of the screen, choose the files you wish to delete and tap ‘Trash Can’.

There is also an option to save an image, attachment or video straight to your camera roll.

Final Words

That’s not to say that iOS 11 has smartened up things a lot and we’re loving it. Though the storage section in the Settings app also displays the information and provide an install button for each of the apps, the new features and their automatic way of doing things have cut down enough labor on our end. Also remember, iMessage is an inbuilt app and you cannot uninstall it like other apps to free up space. You need these options to manage the app smartly and not letting it clutter your device.

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