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Top 7 Best Snapchat Filters Apps You Should Try in 2019

We meet different people every day, socialize and discover the similarities and traits in them, but this happens more often on social media, right?  We got the Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram to showcase a virtual life. Similar to the names above, Snapchat is another such social media app that is continuously in use, and you can simply interact with people, upload snippets and more.

Snapchat has been an app that went viral, and all you have to do is snap on with it. Snapchat is among the top apps with a significant number of users in the online market. The mobile application has various filters to use, personalize and share if you are interested to add more to your Snapchat account. You can get your favorite dog filter and post it on the desired social media page with the help of the best Snapchat filters apps.

The Seven Popular Filters in Snapchat

1.    The Insta Filter

insta filters

Instagram comparatively has a number of users compared to Snapchat, and it has an Instagram filter, which is a free application and works very well in Snapchat. All you have to do is to download this application, use it and work on it with its insta background and funny filters and upload the snippet on the main Snapchat app. This is a great filter for those who prefer Instagram but new to Snapchat. The Instagram filters are great photo editors, and there are many options available for you in Instagram.

2.    MSQRD-

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This one is a face filter app acquired by Facebook, based on animal faces such as bears, tigers, Mongoose, aliens. You can simply make loads of funny videos, and the options that you need to choose from is better than the ones at Snapchat. The Google Play rating for this app is 4.3, which is more than Snapchat’s rating. This is a very easy app to use, and one can quickly change the way they look with a single swipe. If you are looking for an ideal app to download for animal filters, then this is simply the app that you need.

3.    Face Swap 

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As the name suggests it is an app where you can swap your face with an added filter, and you can do it along with your family and friends, this face app gives you the opportunity to switch your faces to animal faces that are cute. There are numerous stickers in this face app, and the transitions are better than the ones in the snap chat app. If you are a dedicated fan of filters, then you have to download this bone and makes use of it to the fullest.

4.    B612:

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The B612 Beauty and filter is an Android application; it has more than 1500 stickers that you can choose. You can easily turn into your favorite animal and distort yourself. The app has a real-time video option called boomerang where you can include your snippets. It is perfect for selfies, food, landscapes, and any occasion. You can also directly post your stories and videos to your preferred social media channel. This one is flawlessly preferred by girls who use effects to look flawless. This app is available as one of the best Snapchat filter app iPhone.

5.    Cymera Camera

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This one is an editing app with multi-use facilities where you can perform mainly three activities- photo editing, collage making, and face filters. This app has excellent tools for beatification and editing your dark circles. The app will help you magnify your wrinkles, and you can use face filters on them very easily. You can shape your body with the help of this app. Cymera Camera has a good rating and great reviews from its users.

6.    YouCam Fun

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You Cam Fun is purely a great Snapchat alternative, and you simply can have a lot to do with it.  The app has top-notch AR filters that can make you look like a princess, put a crown on your head or give you a Cinderella makeover. There are great effects of YouCam Fun that you can experience. The dazzling filter and live effects are nothing like any other app, and they are far more creative as well. You can add and reduce the effects and filters according to what you will choose, but there are exciting things to it as well.

7.    Face Warp

Image result for face wrap apps

If you are looking forward to beautifying your face, then there is nothing like the Face Warp app where you can literally look funny and due to that, it has a lot of fun with the various filters that it has. The rating of this app is 4.2 according to Google Play, and it has great reviews and feedbacks from its users too. The Face Warp app is among the best Snapchat alternatives, and one can literally do a lot using the app too. You will easily get tired of the generic Snapchat filters after you have downloaded the application.

Best Snapchat Filters Apps Android/iPhone 2019- Conclusion

These best Snapchat filters apps android/iPhone 2019 not only help you increase your looks on the social media but they are quite useful in overall editing and beautification as well. With a few of the filters, you can even look more natural than you think. There are hundreds of apps to use in terms of looking great. All you have to do is to choose the right one that you need and make solid use of it. The more you use these apps, the more you will explore the different meaning of use. These apps work in both iOS and Android devices, and they are free to download as well. If you are into taking selfies and use filters as well, then these are just the app that you need. One can simply get jaded of using the same Snapchat filters, so one must download from the above-mentioned best Snapchat filter app Android and continue to have fun.

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