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Best Root Apps – 20+ Awesome Apps For Your Rooted Android Phone

There are some features on Android devices that cannot be accessed normally. This limitation is normally solved by rooting your android phones, which provides you with superuser or root permissions for your Android device. This helps you perform tasks that you normally didn’t think was possible for the Android phones.

Rooting your Android device sometimes may seem to be a bit tedious task but the benefits are endless. But you need to be quite careful while rooting the Android devices and installing the rooted apps. This will help you keep your Android device free from errors, problems, and keep it safe and secure.

Here is a list of 20 best root apps that is quite necessary to make the most out of your rooted android device.

adblocker-plus1 Adblock Plus (Free)

Adblock Plus is a free android root app that can block ads, popups, and video ads on different websites including Facebook and Google. There are some other features of this software that let you block tracking, malware domains, etc. You can choose to block the ads completely or view unobtrusive ads. In order to install it you have to download the Android version of the app directly from the Adblock Plus website as it is not available on the Google Play Store.


dumpster2 Dumpster (Free with in-app purchases)

Dumpster can be used to recover lost data from your Android phones, like: photos, documents, videos, etc. thereby acting as Recycle Bin. Root access is not necessary to recover files, but using root access increases the performance of the app thereby increasing the chances of recovering the data. A preview of audio, video, and images can be seen before you try to recover the data. Files can be deleted permanently as well. The data can be recovered with a single click. Internet connection is not required in order to recover the data.


Download Guide For Xposed Framework & Installer

flashify3 Flashify  (Free / $3.99)

Flashify is an Android root app which you can use to queue items to flash Android devices from recovery without the need to reboot the device. The flashing can be queued either from SD card or cloud. The free version lets you apply only up to 3 flashes in a day. This restriction can be removed by in-app payment. Here you can enqueue different formats for the flashing, like- ZIPS, mods, kernels, boot images, recovery images, etc.



greenify4 Greenify (Price: Free / $2.99 (optional)

Greenify is a good free app that lets you save your battery and other resources so that your Android phone doesn’t become slow, and the battery lasts longer. It contains two different modes: Aggressive Doze, and Doze on the go that restricts resources and battery usage from the app when it is not in use. The best part of this app is that it doesn’t restrict the usage completely. As soon as the app runs in the foreground, it can utilize the resources.



link2sd5 Link2SD (Price: Free / $2.35)

Link2SD is the root application manager app to move applications to SD card. This feature comes out quite handy when the storage on the device is quite low, or you are a heavy user and require a lot of apps. It moves user apps to SD card, even though the app doesn’t support moving to SD card by itself. It also provides batch linking, unlinking, uninstalling, reinstalling, move to SD, and move to phone functions.



quick-boot-reboot6 Quick Boot (Reboot) (Price: Free / $1.99)

Quick Boot is a simple app to help you reboot the rooted android devices. By default, the Android devices provide only the option of Power-Off and Reboot. This Quick Boot provides other extra option to boot to recovery and boot to bootloader with a single tap. The pro version supports a hot boot option as well using which you can reboot just Android UI. Device network, hardware, and software information is also provided using this software.



nandroid-manager7 Nandroid Manager (Price: Free / $1.99)

Nandroid Manager is a free root android app that let you manage your nandroid backups. Different types of data from nandroid, like- apps+data, text messages, call logs, wifi access points, Bluetooth data, user word dictionary, browser data, etc. can be restored. It can also be used to flash new recoveries, fix permissions, rename and delete the backup, compress files, and many other such tasks. It also lets you explore text messages and calls without actually restoring it.



rashr8 Rashr (Free In-app purchases)

Rashr is a good software that can be used to flash and backup your device recovery without the need to reboot the device or PC. It has a collection of over 3500 built in recovery collection of images that supports about 90% of all android devices. It can also help you flash unlisted images from internal or external storage.


rom-toolbox9 ROM Toolbox Pro ($6)

ROM Toolbox Pro is a combination of most popular root apps into one. It combines a number of apps, like: Script Manager, ROM Manager, Titanium Backup, MetaMorph, Autorun Manager, SetCPU, Root Explorer, Terminal Emulator, Font Installer, Boot Animation Installer, SD Booster, BuildProp Editor, etc. into one that lets you manage ROMS, nandroid backups, backup, restore, manage tasks, explore roots, create and run scripts, run scripts on boot, manage startup apps, and many more such tasks. It can also be used to set custom fonts, change boot logo, choose themes, increase the speed of SD cards and many more such tasks.


super-su10 SuperSU (Price: Free / $3.75)

SuperSU is a Superuser access management app which lets you grant and manage root access to various apps that request root access. It can also be used to unroot the device, keep logs, etc. It can be used to unroot apps temporarily or permanently as deemed fit by the user. The option of per app logging configuration, per app user override, and PIN protection for the app. If required an app can be granted access for a certain amount of time.



tasker11 Tasker ($3)

Tasker is a quite powerful root app that can be used to automate various tasks of Android devices. Though some features do not require the root access but others do require the root access. Triggers, actions, tasks, scenes, and app creation options are available that lets you automate several tasks. Several actions, states, and events can be put to use.


titanium12 Titanium Backup (Free)

Titanium Backup is root backup app that can be used to backup, restore, and freeze the apps and data. It can also be used to create the batch and scheduled backups without the need to close any apps. It can also be used to transfer apps and data between phone memory and SD card. The files can be synced to/from Dropbox, box, Google Drive, etc. There are some other tools as well, like: encryption, create, clean cache, CSV export app DB, convert app data, etc.


gmd-gesture-control13 GMD GestureControl ($6)

GMD GestureControl is a good gesture control app that provides multitouch, multitasks and multi-gesture support for android devices. It supports 3 fingers and 4 fingers gesture which can quite easily be used to improve the android experience. Some predefined gestures are already defined, and you can also create your own gestures. You can also hide the status bar to enjoy in the full-screen interface. Any application, shortcut or custom action can be started without leaving the current application you are working on.


root-call-blocker-pro14 Root Call Blocker Pro ($3)

Root Call Blocker is a tool that can be used to block calls, SMS, and MMS. It efficiently stops the spammers and other unwanted callers. The best part of this is that in such cases neither the phone rings nor the screen turns on. It also provides In-call widget that helps to ignore or block calls. The notifications can be customized where you can set your own vibration, ringtone, or LED colors. Lists can also be managed remotely with Google contact groups. Number lists can be imported from CSV files. The MMS from numbers containing certain letters can be quite easily blocked. Using Wildcards you can block area codes or even countries. Blocked calls and messages can be secured using the password. There are options that let you backup data to Google Drive or Dropbox.


system-app-remover15 System App Remover Free

System app remover can be used to remove system apps as well as uninstall user apps. The apps can also be moved between SD card to phone memory. It also provides batch uninstall feature. The information about the system apps is provided in the APK manager.


es-file-explorer-free16 ES File Explorer Free

ES File Explorer File Manager is a good file manager software for both local and networked use. It helps manage android files efficiently and effectively and share files. This also lets you send files using auto created the hotspot. It supports built-in viewers and players, let you compress and decompress ZIP and RAR files, and create encrypted ZIP files. Options let you manage files from computer, access home PC, copy and paste files between Bluetooth, and transfer files via Wi-Fi. It also lets you access to entire file system, data directories, and also let you change permissions. You can use it to manage apps, analyze SD card, kill task, clean cache, manage auto-start, perform smart charge, and observe in real time.


viper4android17 Viper4Android (Price: Free)

Viper4Android is a good Android root application using which you can change the sound effects of your Android device. It is not available on Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded from Xda-developers. It provides a number of features where you can change headphone sound, device sound, and speaker sound settings. The option can be changed for surround sound, music effects, etc. thereby providing you with professional listening experience. It also can be used to control left/right channel output.



lucky-patcher18 Lucky Patcher Free

Lucky Patcher is a root app that can crack android apps of your android phone. This helps you change permissions of android apps, remove licence verification of the apps, remove google ads, etc. Modified APK’s can also be created. You can also freeze any app, move app to system folder: i.e. make it a pre-installed app that prohibits it to remove from Application manager, create app backup, share app, and also move to external storage.

  • It supports unrooted phones also but in order to access the complete features rooted version of the device is required.
  • It is not available on the Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded from the official website.


rec19 Rec Free In-app purchases

Rec is an application that can be used to screen record your android screen. It supports audio recording also via the mic. Screen touches can also be displayed during recording if required.  The best part is that it is quite simple and easy to use so that you do not have to mess around with the command line/terminal. The favorite configuration can be saved as presets.


servers-ultimate-pro20 Servers Ultimate Pro (7-day Free Trial, $1.99)

Servers Ultimate is a simple tool that can be used to run different types of servers on your android device, like: DNS, DDNS, DHCP, FTP, FTPS, GIT, POP3, SMTP, and many more. It can also be used to run multiple servers at a time. You can also add users, allow IP’s and many more such options. There are some other amazing options as well, like: encryption, tasker, llama, start/stop servers using WIFI/SMS/call.

  • The trial period of this app is 7 days and only two servers can be added in this version. Some features require root access while some can be used on simple devices as well.


Make the most out of your android device by rooting your android device and choose which apps work the best for you. We hope you would have liked our post on best root apps for Android. For more updates keep signing back.


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