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Top 5+ Police Scanner Apps For Android

There are a lot of crazy genres of apps on the Play Store. The most recent one I discovered is the Police Scanner genre. These apps let you hear in on Police frequencies so you know what crimes are happening around you. The apps are preferred by journalists, crime reporters, public safety enthusiasts and others.

Please make sure it is legal to listen to police frequencies where you live before downloading the apps. Read up on your local laws on the matter.

Police Scanner FREE

Download Police Scanner Free From The PlayStore


With over 5000 frequencies spanning police, fire, rescue and more, Police Scanner Radio gets you instant access to all the latest feeds as they come online. Using your GPS, 3G or WiFi, the app gathers the frequencies and runs them on your device to make sure you are aware of the latest happenings in your neighborhood or city. A wonderful app to keep off during natural disasters, emergencies or even generally. It could get you the edge as a crime reporter too.

Police Scanner

Download Police Scanner From The PlayStore


If keeping the app active at all times to listen to the radio frequencies isn’t your thing, Police Scanner could be the answer to your woes. The app can be used in the background as you flip through Facebook or Instagram. Take your pick from Top 100 feeds, or go ahead and browse through over 3500! The app is advanced enough to tell you how far you are from the radio station, and it gets you a handy dictionary of police terminology and code communication.

Scanner Radio

Download Scanner Radio From The PlayStore


The one thing that stands out for Scanner radio is the app’s customizable notifications. If there are more than a set number of people listening in, chances are something big is up. You can in such situations receive a notification and be informed about what’s going off. The app is a lot less intrusive than other apps that require being active of the screen to play the frequencies.

HD Radio Police Scanner

Download Radio Police Scanner From The PlayStore


HD Radio Police Scanner is a pretty amazing app in that it is pretty simple in design. The no-nonsense design is a pretty inviting facet that is rare to find elsewhere. The graphics are a bit bad, honestly. But you really don’t care because the app feels like a real police radio. Try it out!

Advanced Police Scanner

Download Advanced Police Scanner From The PlayStore


Advanced Police Scanner makes a compelling case to be on your device. The app has a pretty huge collection on scanners in a variety of countries, which includes USA, Canada, Australia, Chile, Netherlands, Peru and the UK. Each of these countries’ police frequencies come neatly arranged and you can use them with ease to catch your preferred police frequency. The app has a “Hot” section as well, arranging frequencies by the number of listeners on the app. This keeps you in the loop in case something you should get to know about is going on.

Ultimate Police Scanner

Download Ultimate Police Scanner From The PlayStore


Take it as a redder version of Advanced Police scanner, but the app boasts competitive radio scanners in countries around the globe. The interface surely takes no time to learn, and the snazzy displays and graphics are something you’re sure to get inspired by.

With this comes to an end our list of top 6 Police Scanner apps. There are probably some you like that we didn’t cover. If so, do leave us a comment below so we can get them included as well.


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