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Best Photo Scanner Apps For Android & iOS- Memories Go Digital!

We all have memories from the days when the photos were captured on the film roll. Those photos were then put on the real, physical albums. Most of us still visit our old albums from those times to evoke the sense of nostalgia. But, sometimes we want to share these old photos with others. In order to do that, we take the photo of the photo using the digital camera or the camera on our smartphones. But, you must have noticed that the quality of such pictures isn’t that great. Thankfully, we now have the photo scanner apps that can convert your old pictures into the digital form without any compromises with the quality. Let’s take a look at some of the best photo scanner apps for Android & iOS!

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[Android, iOS; Free, 4.99 USD/month]

CamScanner is more popularly known as the document scanner. It can convert all types of paper documents into high-quality scans. However, it also doubles as a good quality picture scanner. The app offers a number of features to enhance and improve the quality of the scanned photos. The editing tools are also quite effective and make your photos look pretty awesome. So, it’s not just the documents that this app will convert into a soft copy, but your old photos can also be transformed into image format.


The free version of CamScanner already has some cool features. For example, the app lets you optimize the quality of the scan for best results. You can also sync the app across various device platforms. The scanned copies can be saved to the cloud as well. So, the free version is good enough for most people. But, if you need more you can buy the premium subscription as well. The paid version will give you more cloud space and you can also edit the OCR results.

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Google PhotoScan

[Android & iOS; Free]

Google has introduced its photo scanner app very recently. But, in a very short time, it is already being dubbed as the best such app available. It looks like Google has done quite a bit of research before releasing the app. PhotoScan provides high-quality photo scans by taking multiple shots. As a result, glares are effectively removed from the scanned photo.


The app also comes bundled with a lot of features. For instance, it can correct the perspective even if the shot is not taken from the correct angle. It also detects the edges of the photos. PhotoScan also comes with a smart rotation feature. Glare removal, interestingly, is the most glaring feature of this app, which works really well even if you are clicking the photo of a photo. Furthermore, the app offers integration with Google Photos. This means you can save all your scanned images in the cloud storage for no charge at all with the best pic scanner app Android.


[Android & iOS; Free]

Shoebox is one of the best photo scanner apps available. There are a number of cool features that make this app very handy. The photo scan quality is pretty awesome too. Shoebox offers advanced perspective correction. It is also pretty consistent with edge detection. There are two ways to save the photo scanned using this app – you can store it in your phone memory, in the gallery or you can create a family tree at to save the photos. The app also allows you to add many details to the scanned photos including the caption, location and date. You can also tag the photos to people.


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Pic Scanner 

[iOS; Free with in-app purchase; 2.99 USD full version; 4.99 USD Gold version)

If you are looking for the best iPhone photo scanner app or any other iOS device, you would definitely want to consider Pic Scanner. It comes packed with a number of features, including the ability to take photos of the multiple photos at a time. In spite of scanning multiple photos, the app can smartly detect each one of them separately and also crop and save them individually. The scan quality is also very good. Also, you can enhance the scanned photos with filters and special effects.


The photos can be cropped, rotated, trimmed, and captioned as well. This is all available with the free version. However, you can save or share only up to 12 photos with the free ShoeBox. You can buy the full version through an in-app purchase. This will allow you unlimited scans, saves, and shares. The Gold version of the app, which is apparently more expensive, is faster and is bundled with more advanced features.


[Free on Android; iOS in-app purchases]

Photomyne too is a wonderful app to scan your photos. The app may not be as widely used as the others; it is still a great app to deserve a mention among the top five. What really sets this app apart from the rest is that it can scan multiple photos at a time. Whether you are scanning the photos from the album or lying on the table, Photomyne will capture them all. The app does not save the photos as one image; it identifies each photo and saves them separately. It is quite effective most of the times. However, sometimes you may feel it isn’t quite as good when it comes to edge detection. Thankfully, there is an option to adjust the edges manually.


The Android version of the app is still in the beta mode and lacks many features. The iOS version, however, comes with some slew of features such as cool filters, cloud backup, discover, and more. The app is free on iOS as well, but in order to unlock the advanced features, you will need to make in-app purchases.


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