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Best Blue Light Filter/Night Mode Apps for Android

The display screens of our smartphones and computers emit many types of rays of varying intensity. Among the invisible ones, bluelight is the most harmful to our eyes. While bluelight may not affect your eyes significantly during the daytime or in the bright light conditions, after sunset and in the dark it can be damaging. Especially today, when smartphones have become so prevalent, prolonged exposure to bluelight is inescapable.
Apple was the first to introduce its bluelight filter, Night Shift, for the iOS devices. That was the time when people started looking for such functionality in Android phones as well. Although Android doesn’t have a native app for its smartphones, there are many third-party developers who have come up with the effective best night mode app for Android. Let’s look at some of the best blue light filter for Android.

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One thing that annoys the smartphone users the most is the ads covering a significant part of the app screen. Thankfully, Midnight night filter app comes with loads of features sans irritating adverts. The app features onscreen round slider that lets you control the intensity of blue, yellow, black, and red light. Once you have altered the intensity of the colors, you can press the preview button to view the changes.

The app does not automatically identify the timing of the sunset and sunrise of your location. However, you can set the timer to start and stop the filter. This is the function most apps feature. But, Midnight also has the capability to identify the ambient light and change the screen brightness accordingly. This is the feature the other apps do not have. This is what makes it one of the best blue light filter for Android.
You can also change the screen brightness manually from the notification center. You will find the play button, which you can tap and the screen display will get dimmed. The screen brightness works independent of the custom filters you might have set.

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Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

The moment you launch this app, it will adjust the color temperature on your screen. The app is pretty well designed and is easy to use. You can pick the filter color that is most comfortable to your eyes. The interface is pretty simple and you can use the functionalities pretty easily. For instance, you can pick the temperature of the display color using the onscreen slider.

The app comes packed with a number of features. For instance, you can set the intensity of the display for several hours after the time of sunset you have picked. The app also features the opacity filter. This filter lets you enable or disable the light or dark user interface. The toggle option in the notification panel lets you turn the app on and off at will.

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It is a good app to have on your phone, is easy to use, and offers many features. However, the free version is limited in terms of features and functionalities. If you need more, you can buy the premium version from Google Play Store. There are some basic features you might expect to be free, but are available only with the premium version. This is also one the best night mode apps for android.


Redshift is definitely a great night mode app for Android that helps filter out a lot of blue light allowing you to use your phone comfortably even in the dark. But, it works best on the smartphones with the AMOLED display.
Redshift night mode app can also identify your location, which is the feature missing in the other apps. The app is also quite customizable. For instance, if there is an application on your phone for which you do not wish to use the night mode, you can add that app in the exceptions in Redshift.

Another great thing about Redshift is that you can save your settings onto the Google drive. So, even if you uninstall and reinstall the app you can import your preferred settings.

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Redshift uses very little space on your phone storage and does not affect the performance of your device. It comes packed with a number of features for free. This makes it easily one of the best night mode app for Android.

Simple Design Bluelight Filter

This is another great app to control the Bluelight coming out of your smartphone display. This app reduces the intensity of the blue light and ensures that your eyes remain comfortable during the phone use. This app is meant to provide comfortable experience after the sunset. However, it works just fine in dark at any time of the day. The controlled bluelight intensity also helps you have a better sleep at night.

You can change the intensity of the bluelight manually and control the screen brightness at will. By reducing the brightness of the screen, it also prolongs the battery life. Other cool features this app comes packed with include quick switch and auto timer.

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This is another Night Mode app you can try to control the Blue Light. One big challenge with most of the night mode apps is that while testing the brightness, you may inadvertently make the screen too dark. If you are not able to relocate the slider with your finger, the only option to restore to normal brightness for the viewable screen is to restart your phone.
But, that’s not the case with Dimly. This app comes with a Shake to Restore Brightness feature. If you think you have set the screen brightness wrong, you simply need to shake the phone to undo the changes.

Dimly uses the slider to adjust the screen brightness. You can also use the slider the app adds to the notification panel. Dimming/brightness control works alongside blue light filter. If you only need to dim the light and not filter the blue light, you can turn the blue light filter off.

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The free version of the app comes with many features. However, if you need to schedule the start time, you can buy the premium version for $1.99. The paid version is also free of the ads. In our next post, we will discuss some of the best blue light filter app iPhone.


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