The Best Music Players Windows Can Play Your Songs On

Music playback has remained as one of the most common computer activities ever since the introduction of GUI based computing. We love to listen to music from our collection and also over the internet. While Windows native Media Player offers various features, it is still someone incapable of providing great music experience. This is why we look for a better solution.

There are plenty of free music players for Windows these days. But, we are not looking for a simple playback; most users want a media player that can double as a media manager. Here is roundup of best music players for Windows OS.
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1. MusicBee

If you have a massive collection of audio tracks and songs and you feel challenged at organizing them, MusicBee could be your pick. It is one of the more popular media players for Windows. The most amazing thing about MusicBee is that it lets you import libraries from Windows Media Player and iTunes. You can also easily tag the files to your preferences.
MusicBee is more than just a media player; it is a complete media solution. When you are connected to the internet, try its Auto DJ feature – you will love it. This feature syncs quickly with and plays the tracks based on your listening history and habits (it will look for the genres and artists you have played the most). You can use MusicBee to organize and arrange your favourite radio stations, podcasts and even audio books in a nice and orderly fashion.
MusicBee is loaded with tons of features and ensures high quality audio playback. It has an advanced equalizer that lets you customize the audio quality to your liking. It also packs gapless playback, cross-fade features, and a lot more. And if you find the native features less than enough, you can hook up some plugins.
This Windows app also supports the Dolby 5.1 surround. So, if you have an arrangement of speakers you will experience scintillating sound quality.
MusicBee has a good looking interface, which can also be customized to a good extent. It lists out various elements in a neat manner. This app offers great looks and ease of use.

2. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 has had a pretty incredible journey so far. While it never managed to feature among the most popular free music players for Windows, it has never failed to find the favour of the biggest music enthusiasts. We like this music player very well and will not be irresolute in saying it is indeed one of the best.
Foobar2000 has a very simple (rather basic) interface, which makes the users doubt its capabilities. This is probably the reason why it could not earn the mainstream glory. But, make no mistake as Foobar2000 is a great music player. Once you have worked your way around, you would probably not want to use anything else. The user interface is highly customizable and you can completely transform the looks. This media player for Windows supports a wide range of audio formats. You can also playback some rare formats with the help of the plugins. Yes, it also supports plugins to offer extended functionality.
Foobar2000 packs plenty of tagging features. It also supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts allowing you ease of use. It also lets you rip the audio from CDs. ReplayGain and gapless-playback are other prominent features of this app. Foobar2000 is easy to install and play. It is also updated regularly.
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3. Media Monkey

Media Monkey is also one of the best free media players you can have for Windows OS. Many experts consider it to be the replica of Music Bee with only some features lacking. For instance, Media Monkey does not stream from However, like MusicBee, it lets you organize your audio books and podcasts.
This app has a pretty functional user interface. It may take a bit getting used to the interface if you have been using any other app. But, the layout is pretty organized with various modules arranged strategically across the screen.
What you would probably love the most about Media Monkey is its support for huge number of playlist types and files. This media player also offers a faint hint of AI as it identifies your tracks automatically and also fixes the tag on its own. If you have an old music collection you want to make up to date, Media Monkey could be a good choice. Media monkey also supports almost all the formats you can think of.

4. AIMP 4.13

One of the best things about AIMP is that it gets updated regularly. This is why new features and enhancements are available quite frequently. Over the years, AIMP has evolved into a good looking and highly functional media player for Windows. The user interface is very tidy and readable. You could find everything you are looking for with incredible ease.
AIMP 4.13 supports a wide range of audio formats. It is also compatible with SIO and DirectSound. In addition to this, you could stream music from the live Radio over the internet. It has an impressive equalizer supported by a powerful Sound Engine.
AIMP can also convert almost all types of audio files. It also allows easy editing of tags. All in all, it is one great media player to have for Windows.  

5. Clementine

If you are looking for a more advanced media player with loads of high end functions and features, Clementine would be the right choice for you. Clementine comes packed with plenty of cloud features as well. In spite of being an advanced player, it is also suited for casual users as it bundles all the basic features as well including visualize, intelligent playlists, radio streaming and more.
Clementine offers support for a wide range of audio formats, both input and output. But, its cloud feature stands out from the rest. It lets you store the music on the cloud and you can play it back from multiple devices. It is compatible with the most popular cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox. Clementine can also add tags from several media sources on the internet.
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6. Songbird

In some ways Songbird is like Spotify. If you have used Spotify before, you may find some similarities. For example, Songbird allows you to share the photos with the other users. But, what’s good about Songbird is that it lets you play your personal music collection and you don’t have to stream everything over internet.
Songbird isn’t the most advanced or feature-rich application on this list. It has a pretty basic interface and sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. But, it does the basic job pretty well. This is whyit earns its keep in this list.
Another drawback of this app is that it has not been optimized for Windows 10. Although it continues to work on this OS platform, the chances are it may be discontinued later (or perhaps get updated). However, if you are using one of the older versions of Windows you may like its media management functions.

7. aTunes

aTunes is perhaps one of the most easy to use media players for Windows. What we are really impressed with is its clean looking user interface. The designers have added a lot of visual interest to the layout. At the same time, the developers have made sure that the interface remains functional and useful. The front of the app is completely clutter-free. It only has the elements that you really need.
But, it is not just the looks that make aTunes one of the best music players; it is also a great music manager too. You can add the music files and folders and files with incredible ease. You don’t even need to worry about managing them as aTunes does it all on its own.
The organized music can be browsed or searched easily. You could look up for your favourite music by genre, artist, album, and even metadata. The workflow is very well designed and thus it takes little time to get used to it. aTunes also supports all the popular audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC and AAC. This player also lets you stream internet radio and also download your favourite podcasts. It also connects to many popular internet music services such as

8. Audacious

If you are looking for a no-fuss, no-frills media player, you would like to try Audacious. The user interface of Audacious looks simple and very basic. But, make no mistake as it packs loads of features and functions. The simple looking interface means ease of use. Once you have downloaded the app, you can get started immediately. It lets you add the music files directly or you can add an entire folder. Once the tracks are added, the track information is automatically displayed on the screen.
Audacious supports lots of audio formats including all the popular ones like MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, WMA and more. You could look up for any track you want using its search function. Audacious will shuffle your playlist automatically, remove the duplicate tracks, and edit the tags with incredible ease.
What’s more amazing is that Audacious offers support for plugins. There are some really effective plugins that dramatically enhance the capabilities of this media player. You can access advanced functions like sample rate conversion and vocal removal with the help of the plugins.
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Winamp once was one of the most used media players for Windows and other platforms. Although it has been years since this app was last updated, you can still download its last released instalment. It is stable and works fine on all the Windows OS versions. Even though the app is not updated any longer, Winamp still has a large, active community that regularly contributes skins and plugins. You can also download playlists from this community.

VLC Media Player

VLC is the most widely used media players of all times. VLC was first released in 2001 and has outstripped every other media player. This app supports a wide range of formats not only for audio but also for video playback. It is a free to download media player, offers a simple interface and incredible ease of use.

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