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Top 10 Battery Saver Apps For Android

As the technology is evolving, our smartphones are becoming more feature and functionality rich. But, it does usually come at the cost of battery life. There hasn’t been any significant improvement or advancement in the battery technologies that may prolong their life. So, we’ve got to live with what we have! Today we will feature some of the best battery saver apps for Android. Let’s proceed!

Best Apps To Help Your Battery Last Longer

Battery Doctor


The name is eponymous to its function. Not only does this app help you treat the symptoms of the problem, it also identifies what’s eating up your battery and finds the cure for the root cause. The app displays the list of the services and apps that are using the battery. It also lets you manage the services and apps in order to save the power.

What’s really awesome is that this app comes with some tweaks that help you regulate and enhance the charging. You can also get the true picture of the battery life and the amount of time left before it is drained.

Download Battery Doctor From The PlayStore



The name quite suggests how this app functions. The objective of the app is to find the apps and programs that are running continuously and eating up the battery. The app not only finds the apps and services that are affecting battery life right now but also determines the apps that consume the battery over a longer duration of time. By shutting down the programs that you do not use and are still running in the background, you can prolong the life of the battery significantly.

ShutApp is not as elaborate as the other apps. However, if you are looking for something simple and straightforward and you don’t want to be concerned with the statistics and reports, go for this app.

Download ShutApp From The PlayStore



Greenify is the app pretty well known among those who love to root their Android phones. It is one of the most effective battery saver apps that is there and hence deserves to grab the top spot in this list.

You don’t necessarily have to root your device in order to use this app. Greenify helps optimize the performance of your device and prolongs the battery life substantially. The app is also highly customizable and offers plenty of tweaks.

Greenify also comes bundled with a number of advanced features that make your smartphone even smarter. If you are looking to save battery and speed up your device, get this app.

Download Greenify App From The PlayStore

Battery Optimizer and Cleaner


Battery Optimizer and Cleaner is a more feature-rich app as compared to its counterparts. Besides being highly capable of helping you out of your battery woes, this app also comes bundled with a number of additional functionalities. This app provides detailed information about apps and services taking the share of the power and lets you regulate them for battery optimization. At the same time, it helps you clean away all the unwanted things that reside on your phone to enhance the performance.

Download Battery Optimizer App From The PlayStore

Avast Battery Saver


This is one of the more commonly used apps for battery preservation. Avast has already created many useful apps for the smartphones and its Battery Saver app lives up to the promises made by this developer. This app offers many features and at the same time ensures that it doesn’t end up consuming lots of power itself.

Quite like the Battery Doctor app, Avast also provides comprehensive details about battery consumption by various apps and services. It also allows you to effectively manage and regulate the apps.

Download Avast Battery Saver From The PlayStore

Snapdragon BatteryGuru

It is not exactly the best battery saver app for all types of smartphones. The app updates are rare and it doesn’t seem to be of much help with several mobile phones. However, if you happen to own an Android phone running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, this app can prove to be pretty useful. Well, it is a Qualcomm in-house app and thus, no surprise optimized for this processor.


The app does take some time to learn and understand your usage pattern and habits before seeming to be effective. In fact, it may take up to a week for that. However, once it does understand your behavior, it does help you effectively with battery consumption.

Download Snapdragon BatteryGuru From The PlayStore

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Clean Master – Boost and AppLock


Clean Master has been developing apps for Android smartphones for quite a while now. Its Boost & AppLock has become quite popular among the Android users looking to save the battery life. The layout of the app is pretty neat and elegant. The app comes bundled with plenty of features that help you keep the battery of your phone optimized. Besides being a battery saver, this app also cleans your phone of unwanted files.

Download Clean Master From The PlayStore

DU Battery Saver


Looks like DU Battery Saver is one of the most popular battery-saver apps for Android phones. Well, if 400 million downloads wouldn’t judge it, what else will? Such a humungous number of downloads makes you confident about its capabilities. It is indeed a pretty good app. It has a number of tweaks and tricks that help you improve the life of your battery significantly. It also offers a feature called ‘phone-cooler’ that relieves the processor of some of the pressure, thereby providing added protection to the hardware.

Download DU Master From The PlayStore

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360 Battery

360 Battery, the battery saver app, runs in the background and keeps a tab on everything that is happening on your smartphone. That’s pretty much what every battery saving app does – monitoring. This app monitors your phone and delivers the useful information that can be utilized to optimize the power consumption.


While you can manually take the actions based on the information provided, you can also use the preset modes to allow the app to take care of the problems all by itself. It saves you from some hassles!

Download 360 Battery From The PlayStore

Go Battery Saver


If you are looking for an app designed specifically for power preservation on your phone, Go Battery Saver is the one you must definitely try. The app gives you detailed insight into the battery performance and lets you determine where the power is being consumed the most. The app also suggests you a number of ways to save the battery life. For instance, if you have turned on Bluetooth and there are no transactions taking place, it would suggest you turn it off and save power.

Download Go Battery Saver From The PlayStore


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