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Best Apps To Watch Live TV On Android- Try Them Now!

With so rapid increase in prices on cable connections, it can be quite a waste to pay for 24 hours of Live TV and end up watching only a few minutes before you doze off of the couch, exhausted from the day’s labors. There is a growing community all over the world which is seeing through this wasteful expenditure. People are disconnecting cable television almost like how landlines went out of vogue with the entry on smartphones. Only this time, the role on smartphones is being fulfilled by nifty apps.

If you’re a broke student managing two jobs to pay for tuition, or a single parent who wouldn’t mind having some extra savings each month, there are plenty of apps that you can get on your iOS or Android smartphone that can eliminate the need to have a cable connection. This is quite a boon; paying for specific channels as well as for maintenance and whatnot can leave several people frustrated. If you want to know what these apps are and where you can get them from, you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, let’s start listing the various apps that you can use.

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Vidmate should be the best choice for an app if you want to watch live TV. The app is available for free and can stream your favorite TV shows right when they’re being telecast.


  • Additional functionality, including video download, music download and meme making
  • Lightweight app that fits in virtually every device irrespective of space constraints
  • Pretty easy to manage and run, and it rarely crashes.


  • The content can sometimes turn out a bit localized
  • Good subtitles can be a bit hard to find

Compatible OS: Android, Blackberry

Download route: using apk file

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MobiTV offers over 300 free channels, ranging from news to sports, covering TV shows, reality TV and more. The service also has allied accesses that can get your firm content management, cloud-based analytics, and digital rights management along with other cool stuff.


  • Easy interface that doesn’t confuse you unnecessarily.
  • 300 free channels to watch
  • Great curation to include multiple genres and types of content to watch


  • Overzealous testing can sometimes be confounding.

Compatible OS: Android, BlueStacks

Download: Google’s Play Store, apk file



YuppTV is a pretty popular option for the Indian diaspora. It brings to you the beautiful world of Bollywood films, Indian news channels, music channels and more. The cool white interface is soothing and tempered with a pretty efficient navigation plan that makes it one of the best apps on its genre.


  • Favorite your channels to find them later easily.
  • Fast resolution on stream links so you don’t spend hours waiting.
  • Indian shows have repeat broadcast times as well, in case you miss your favorite show some day.


  • Localized content means it isn’t good for much else apart from Indian TV watching.
  • The channels could have been a bit more sorted according to their content.

Al Jazeera


Al Jazeera is a popular channel that caters content from that specific geographic area. The channel has a lot more English content than you’d expect, and it also serves some pretty decent movies and shows. Some also prefer the channel for its news content for its localized perspective on global events. The channels also have an app that gets you all the content you want from it right of your smartphone.


  • Professionally created content
  • Also gets you news articles and other forms of media to increase your awareness.


  • The middle east centric perspectives can be irrelevant to some and even unacceptable to a few.

Compatible OS: Android, iOS, Blackberry

Download: Via official app stores, apk file



Crackle does not cater Live TV per se. But it is among the few services which have the quickest uploads whenever a new piece on TV or theaters is released. Crackle’s original creation, comedians in a car getting coffee has also been a runaway hit. For a small fee, you can access every TV show and movie you want right away.


  • Easy to access. It is a rival of Netflix in this regard.
  • Subscription to Crackle’s services gets you access to unlimited content irrespective of licensing.


  • The service still lacks classic TV shows, which several people might be interested in watching. That might be immaterial if you are going to use it solely for Live TV, though.

Compatible OS: Android, iOS, Blackberry

Download: Via official app stores, website

Terrarium TV


Terrarium TV’s been making waves. The app takes on the free movies and TV shows genre with relative ease. The app’s USP is the fact that it hosts the files on Google Drive, which allows the content to start to stream or download faster than on other servers. Terrarium TV’s immediate updating of content makes it the best app to watch movies or TV shows almost simultaneously as with a cable connection.


  • The Killer design which is simple and efficient.
  • Synopsis, multiple resolutions and file size to manage your data expenditure.


  • Some part of the database is preemptive, which means you’re going to end up with “video not found” or similar errors if you play them.

Compatible OS: Android, Blackberry

Download: Apk file from the official website

These are the very best live TV apps. Some like Crackle or MobiTV have a pretty universal appeal. Others like Al Jazeera are a bit localized. Also, not all apps fit in every OS or even in every device with the same OS. Our advice? Experiment with a few on these before you set your heart of one. Cheers!


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