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10 Great Apps That Are Not Available On Play Store- Get Them Now!

The Play Store has some pretty decent apps. For most Android users, it is on-course the go-to destination to get apps suitable for their needs. But often, you stumble upon gems on apps that Android’s Play Store just doesn’t have equals to. Well then consider this post to be a rocky mountain; let us help you stumble upon a few other likable apps. (Too much? Sorry haha!)

To be fair, there are enough apps of the internet outside official app stores to be impossible to document. Or even try out, for that matter. But we’ve all gotta start somewhere, right? Maybe you could start with these. Do tell us what you feel about these apps later. Here are some we recommend you to try out.

10 great apps that are not available on play store

1. Peggo


Peggo began as a website that converted Youtube videos into audio files for you to download. The app has raised the popularity of the service, and you can spot plenty of people praising its capabilities. The official website,, has the link to the apk file. This app is almost a replication of the website, but it does make the downloads easier to process.

2. MiXplorer


As far as file explorers are concerned, you’ve probably never imagined an app being better than run on the mill apps like ES File Explorer or Astro. But MiXplorer sets the bar impossibly high for these apps with its barrage of features. With access to a whole host in new file extensions to modify, advanced searching capabilities and a built-in ebook reader, there’s hardly any app in the genre that can even dream of competing with MiXplorer.

3. F-Droid


F-Droid, to be fair, is not an app, but a third party app store. It is the easiest way to download rare to find apps. Apps that are banned from the Play Store most often end up on F-Droid, and so you’ll see the dozen of really useful and creative apps hosted there for you to download with abandon.

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4. Fildo


Music lovers are often deterred by high prices of the content they love to hear. Well, Fildo is an app that lets you search the web for the music you like. lets you download the app as an apk. The downloaded music files are automatically added to your music folder on the SD card. The service doesn’t host the music files themselves, so if you discover an instance in copyright infringement, you may take it up with the hosting websites.

5. Terrarium TV


Terrarium TV answers the prayers on thousands who have wished for a decent app that has tv shows and movies to watch for free. This app has been a fairly recent entry to the market, but the app has all TV shows and movies you’ll ever want to watch, and more. There are documentaries, short films and more content to watch, and everything is 100% free! Plus, the app has a pretty major advantage over apps like ShowBox and others, in that the files are hosted on Google servers using drive so they’re least likely to be taken down.

6. Vidmate


Another multi-pronged app with varied functionality is Vidmate, which lets you browse the internet, download videos, music and more, watch Live TV, make memes and even download apps and games! The app is super customizable, with the capability to see curated content based on region, like with a version to suit Brazil, and ones to suit middle east, Indian and everywhere else on the globe. Vidmate’s utility and ease of access make it the best contender of its genre to be worth a space on your memory.

7. Humble Bundle


With Humble Bundle, you get nice little packages of quality content to buy. It can be apps, books, games or more, and the price you pay also contributes to one out of over 35000 charities you can choose from. The app can be obtained from this link. The app is still in beta, so don’t expect it to be exactly magical. But it sure is one amazing experience, looking at the value it adds to your life, with new books, apps and games to purchase every so often, you’re guaranteed new experiences and unmatched entertainment every day.

8. Amazon Underground


It is surprising to see how few people know about Amazon Underground. The app gets you thousands of games, apps and tons of in-app items. The only difference is that the free stuff you get off of it is actually free, and you’re not indulging in internet piracy using any of it. Amazon Underground can be installed as an apk file using the classic side-loading mechanism, and you can go ahead receiving completely legal freebies. Visit and you should find it right there.

9. FireTube


Ever wanted to listen to your favorite music, a podcast or a lecture on the YouTube app, while also playing a game of your smartphone, or texting with friends? Well then you need to replace YouTube with FireTube. Access your video content of this app, and it will continue playing in the background. The app is also available as a Firefox extension for PC. Use the FireTube app to queue songs in playlists, control quality, and loads more.

10. anYme

Anime users now have options outside the Play Store to watch their favorite content of their smartphones. Move over the likes of Viewster; anYme will get you the choicest anime, animation and other movies, TV shows and shorts delivered right to your Android device. The app has been improving upon its features and interface over consecutive updates. Things can only get better!

The Play Store is a pretty good place to look for apps. But all is not lost when you want to download something different from the stock-ish variety you find on official app stores. Thanks to side loading apks and Android Emulators, there is never going to be a problem making good apps run on devices on your choosing. Which ones are you going to get?


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