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Make Your Desktop More Amazing With These Desktop Themes in 2017

Using simple wallpapers on your Windows Desktop seems exciting only if you have started using Windows OS very recently. Wallpapers can have only so much impact on the appearance. Over time, desktop becomes monotonous and unappealing. Thanks to Rainmeter, it lets you personalize the appearance of Windows in many different ways. It is free program that helps transfigure your desktop with attractive skins. We have catalogued top 20 Rainmeter skins you can use in 2017.

Make Your Desktop More Amazing With These Desktop Themes in 2017

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1. Windows 2019

Microsoft released a video some time ago in which the company dropped some hint as to how the new release of Windows will look like in the year 2019. Taking cue from the video, some developers created a stunning looking Rainmeter skin. The skin adds many new interactive functions to the screen. The sepia colour is most pronounced throughout the length and breadth of the skin. It adds new bars to the desktop with all kinds of information. This skin is quite artistic and will appeal to those who appreciate simple interface. If you are someone who loves colours, you may not find this skin very interesting.


Tech A is a very futuristic looking skin for Rainmeter; the kind you would have probably only seen in the Hollywood movies. But, TECH-A is very much a skin of the present and a lot of people are already using it. TECH-A isn’t exactly a very elaborate skin and probably is on the borderline of being minimal. It displays wide range of useful information on the screen including the resource utilization (RAM and CPU) and a lot of other details.  All the shortcuts and links are arranged in a circle around the revolving centre.

3. Avengers SHIELD OS

Inspired by The Avengers SHIELD, this theme lets you control your Windows OS as if you are coordinating or communicating with your Avengers team of superheroes. Avengers looks a little more detailed than the TECH-A theme but the developers have made sure not to clutter the interface. The shortcuts and icons are arranged nicely near the centre as well as on the right. It has everything you could expect on your desktop and more. This skin uses dark colours more prominently. Large part of the skin is covered in dark blue and even black colours. If you are someone who loves futuristic gadgets, you will like this skin too.

4. Jarvis – Iron Man

Remember Jarvis, the AI bot that Tony Stark communicated with and the one that helped him out in his lab? Jarvis in Iron Man had a futuristic interface with which Stark interacted using his fingers (besides giving voice commands to Jarvis). If you are into computers and science of the future, you will like this skin. But, it is not as neat as many may like. The skin is full of texts and details and thus looks uncluttered. The best thing about Jarvis is that it is highly customizable. You can add a wide range of modules, which can be relocated on the screen easily. You can add personal icons and even change the skin colours.

5. Mass Effect

Inspired by the very popular videogame of the same name, this skin brings to you a clean and clutter free interface. The layout is futuristic, as you would have expected being the reflection of the game. The dark blue colours (in several shades) are more pronounced than any other colours. It has plenty of modules for variety of OS functions. Besides the shortcuts to important folders, it also has the CPU meter that shows the CPU and memory usage in percentage. It has shortcuts to the frequently used apps such as calculator, control panel, My Computer, Settings, and more.  If you extensively use internet for upload and download, there is a widget that shows the respective speeds. At the bottom day, date, and time are displayed in large fonts.

6. Enigma

Enigma is one of the widely used skins for Rainmeter. There is no denying that it is an amazing skin, which almost everyone will like. What we like most about this skin is that it is very customizable. The developers have offered loads of configuration choices. There is a big range of information you can choose from to display on the user interface. There are lots of sub-modules you can easily configure and organize on the screen. It can display every piece of information on the screen you can expect from a great quality skin. Besides RAM and CPU usage, there is upload and download speed meter as well.


One look at Wisp and you may fall in love instantly. This is because it looks very different from all other skins on this list. Wisp stands out the most for one big reason – the onscreen elements or widgets do not have any border. So, it seems as if the information has just been posted on the screen without any segregation. In spite of the missing border, the skin looks very neat and completely uncluttered. Just make sure that you use complementing wallpaper so that the readability remains intact. The dark wallpaper will set the right tone for the interface. You can add a lot of items on the screen including weather update, temperature, disk usage, RAM and CPU usage, internet speed, and more. We love this skin and are confident you will too.

8. Speed

Developers have given Speed the modern appearance with rounded corners of the screen elements; and they have done it very convincingly for this skin looks really nice and clean. The sub modules are well designed and can be adjusted to suit different screen resolutions. Just make sure that you use this skin with the wallpapers in suitable colours. If you are using wallpaper with too flashy or bright colours, the presence of the sub-modules will be subdued. On the other hand, muted or neutral colour will emphasize the elements. Speed skin can give you life feeds from the web (RSS feed), CPU and RAM usage, status of the network, count of unread emails, temperature and weather forecast and a lot more.

9. Simple Media

If you are someone who loves everything that is minimal, you are certainly going to love this skin too. As the name suggests, Simple Media is a simple and neat looking theme for Rainmeter. This also means that it does not offer a lot of sub-modules for your screen. So, there isn’t a lot to choose from. But, someone who is looking for minimal would be least bothered about the range of information as long as all the basics are there. The skin displays current Temperature, Date & Time, and a few more elements.  Although the number of sub-modules is limited, you can customize the existing ones.

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10. LIM!T

If you are looking for a Rainmeter skin that offers a fuss-free interface and a neat layout, LIM!T is the theme for you. It is also the right choice for those who like the minimal looks. There are barely any onscreen graphical elements in this theme. Everything this skin can present is displayed in text format. If you have picked the right wallpaper, this skin will offer high readability. The fonts are large in size and clean in appearance. This theme only uses the sans-serif fonts for a cleaner look. You can see the Date & Time, resource usage, weather information, and more.

11. Before Dawn

Before Dawn isn’t a very fancy skin, but if you love simplicity you will find it attractive. It is not one of the most customizable skins on this list but we love it for the tidy interface it offers. All the information is presented inside a horizontal bar that runs across the width of the screen. In spite of squeezing the information in a narrow bar, Before Dawn manages to maintain the readability. It adds the shortcuts to the most popularly used apps as well as websites. It also gives you one line weather updates and current temperature in large font. Before Dawn skin displays the RAM, CPU and hard disk usage in small bars. The time and date are displayed on the left.

12. Razor

Razor is an attractive looking theme for Rainmeter. It uses many styles to display the information on the screen. Legibility could be a bit of a problem as this skin makes use of small fonts on several occasions. This is why it becomes extremely important to choose the right wallpaper. If the wallpaper is too light in colour and bright, the white texts skin text will fade and readability will be poor. It would be best to use the minimal wallpaper in dark colour. Razor theme has a lot of modules and sub-modules that present wide range of information including date & time, disk usage, network usage, CPU & RAM usage, weather information, temperature, email shortcuts, and app shortcuts.


What you will like most about PILEUS theme is the artistry used in the layout. The way the elements are presented on the screen is very unique. The graphics and text both look hand drawn – more like the sketches than anything else. PILEUS is a resource-intensive skin and if your computer specs are not toward higher-end, you may experience lags. Also, legibility could be a big issue if the user does not choose the right wallpaper. Since the elements and texts are dark in colour, dark wallpaper tends to subdue them. This skin displays lots of information on the screen including RSS feed, Wi-Fi details, network usage, app shortcuts, CPU and RAM usage, and a lot more.

14. ABP

It seems that ABP theme is inspired by the material design. The modules and elements are displayed in the form of floating cards.  The best thing about ABP is that it maintains the legibility regardless of the type of wallpaper chosen. This is because ABP offers contrasting background to the texts within the rectangular cards, which remains unaffected by the wallpaper. There is a sense of uniformity across the entire skin and thus it looks neat and elegant. It displays all the information you can expect from a Rainmeter skin. You can also have this skin slideshow your favourite photos on the desktop. 

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15. Newspaper Desktop

As the name suggests, this Rainmeter theme makes your desktop look like a Newspaper. It seems as if you have placed the newspaper on the table along with other things like a cup of coffee, cigarette or ash-tray. It is a very unique skin and looks quite attractive too. It displays plenty of information on the screen. But, legibility could be a challenge with this theme too. Like in newspaper, the fonts are small and you may have to hunch over your desktop to read the content. You will also need to choose the right wallpaper to improve readability.

16. Elegance 2

Those who love to keep their desktop minimal and avoid any form of clutter will like Elegance 2. This skin does not display a great deal of details but whatever is displayed is presented in an elegant manner. Elegance 2 is almost completely independent of the wallpaper used as it blends well with any type of background. It displays date & time, CPU usage, RAM usage and a few other details.

17. Senja

This is another theme for those who like their desktop tidy and clean. Senja is a minimal Rainmeter skin with an appealing design. Unlike the other themes, it does not cram lots of information in the small space and ensures that the screen looks uncluttered. It displays time, power buttons, media controls, and slideshow of the pictures.

18. Aliens

Aliens, as the name suggests, makes your desktop look like a futuristic, advanced computer screen. It displays plenty of details including CPU & Ram usage, disk space, date & time, RSS live feed, shortcut of frequently used apps/folder and more. It is a beautifully designed theme but the fonts are small. Hence, readability may become an issue. Make sure you use it with the right wallpaper.

19. Eker Lina

If you like the presence of widgets on your screen, you will like Eker Lina too. This theme makes the modules, and sub-modules look like onscreen widgets with rounded corners. This theme lets you change the layout by moving the widget-like sub-modules anywhere on the screen. All the common details are displayed in an orderly manner including RSS feed, media control, weather update, date & time and more.

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20. Neon Space

It may take some doing to get familiar with Neon Space. However, once you are used to it, you will probably not line any other theme in a long time. This theme makes your desktop look like the control panel of any spaceship. The sub-modules offer neon-glow at different times. It displays all the information you can ask for including weather update, temperature, CPU and RAM usage, calendar, media controls, and a lot more.



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