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5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer with Technology

Are you sitting at your computer right now wishing you had more energy, less fat and more muscle? Unfortunately, with every advance in technologically — like the computer — we become lazier and less healthy. Technology can do more, let’s take a look at how technology can keep you healthy this summer.

Track Your Way To Better Health With Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers have revolutionized the way we exercise today. The ability to continuously track your activity makes it easy to avoid overexertion and allows you to exercise at the perfect level for your fitness goals. Trackers have been integrated into watches, cell phones, shoes and even clothes.

Activity trackers work by using motion sensor technology to monitor your movement and transmit it instantly to your smartphone or computer. The types of metrics monitored can include calories burned, steps taken, hours slept, heart rate and skin temperature.

When choosing the right fitness tracker, you need to determine what types of activities you would like to monitor, along with what features you prefer. One of the best ways to compare trackers is by looking at fitness technology reviews and choosing the best one for you.

Stay Hydrated With A Smart Water Bottle

The hot summer sun can be very enjoyable but it can also be very dehydrating. Dehydration occurs when your body uses more fluids than you are consuming. Low amounts of water can lead to urinary tract and kidney problems due to low blood volume. Adequate water consumption boosts metabolism, decreases joint pain, flushes excess toxic waste and promotes proper digestion.

Unfortunately, thirst isn’t always a good indicator of being dehydrated. By the time you realize you’re thirsty, you’re typically already dehydrated. The key is to start drinking water before you start feeling thirsty.

Smart water bottles are fitted with a computer chip that tracks the exact amount of water you consume. Tracking the amount of water you are drinking makes it much easier to determine if you are getting the correct amount for your body type and activity level. Smart bottles also have reminder alarms that will remind you to drink more if you go too long without water.

Shed The Fat With Body Composition Monitors

Body composition monitors give you an estimated breakdown of how much fat, water, muscle and other tissues your body has. Body composition is a large factor in overall health.

A high amount of body fat can lead to weight-related diseases and other health issues. Many people are overly concerned with their total body weight, however, the more important factor is your total body fat percentage. Body weight composed of fat cells is considered “unhealthy,” while body weight composed of bone, muscle and water is considered “healthy weight.”

Knowing the amount of body fat you have will give you a good idea of your risk level for many weight-related health issues. It can also help to determine an appropriate exercise routine.

Body composition monitors come in several different varieties from simple-to-use handheld devices to specialized bathroom-style scales that take less than a minute to give you a reading.

Treadmills Are Still A Great Fitness Option

It might not be the newest or most sexy health technology out there, but a treadmill can be your best friend when it comes to staying healthy and staying cool during a hot summer. Since the early 1960’s treadmills have been one of the most frequently used pieces of health technology in the world.

The ability to get the workout in the comfort of your own home or in an air-conditioned gym has made the treadmill an exercise staple.

Treadmill technology has advanced to the point where they are not just exercise machines, they are also fitness trackers and entertainment centers. You can workout while listening to music, watching a movie or even working.

In just a few minutes a day on a treadmill, you can burn calories, strengthen your heart and watch your favorite television show. If you’re curious about treadmill variety, check out this review of the best incline treadmill for a complete buyer’s guide.

Carry Your Personal Trainer In Your Pocket

The myriad of fitness applications that are available on modern smartphones makes it extremely easy to carry a personal trainer with you wherever you go. If you like to exercise but aren’t sure what to do or you just prefer when someone else plans your workouts, a fitness app might be a smart way for you to go.

Workout routine applications can give you daily exercise plans for every fitness goal you can imagine. You can easily modify the programs for muscle gain, weight loss or to train you for an athletic competition.

In addition, you can have a nutritionist in your pocket with food tracker applications. An entire nutrition plan along with the supplement guide can be laid out for you. You can track the calories you eat and optimally balance all of your macronutrients.

Some applications even allow you to use your phone to scan product barcodes while at the grocery store to get specific dietary information instantly.

With modern technology, it is easier than ever to upgrade your health. So, download a personal trainer…grab your fitness tracker… fill up your smart water bottle…hop on that treadmill and lose some body fat!


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