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5 Tips on Automating Your Work as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing – and the internet in general – has made a lot of things possible for small business owners. For starters, businesses, including SMEs running from home offices, can reach millions of potential customers without stretching their marketing budget.

Digital marketing has a real-time element to it too. Your digital marketing campaigns need to be agile and tactical. They need to be data-driven and focused. These are objectives that are best achieved with the help of automation, and we have just the tips to get you started with automation for digital marketing.

Build a List

The first thing you want to do when you want to automate parts of your digital marketing campaign is to build a list of your target audiences. Marketing automation is at its most effective when you target specific market segments.

Aside from identifying the audience segments you want to reach and taking steps towards understanding those audience segments, you also need to build a more specific list of target audiences based on their email addresses.

Dig Deeper into the Data

With an email list in hand, you can begin learning more about your target audience. Depending on how you build your list, you can capture data about the audience’s activities on your site, how they interact with your sales executives and even the way they engage with your social media pages.

More specifically, you can use the audience’s purchase history and other details – primary data coming from your e-commerce site – for sales funnel monitoring. When you know where in the sales funnel the viewers are, you can personalize your marketing efforts even further.

Incorporate the Right Tools

Adding the right tools to your digital marketing workflow is the next thing you want to do. Tools like Salesforce and HubSpot are designed to make learning more about your potential customers (and the paying ones) easier.

These platforms aren’t the only tool you can use either. PieSync, an automation tool that connects multiple marketing tools and platforms, is a particularly handy tool to utilize. PieSync makes integrating multiple platforms used in your marketing pipeline incredibly easy.

Build Rules and Refine Them

Sticking with PieSync as the tool of choice, you can begin automating certain workflows using the features available on this automation platform. You can trigger an action on Salesforce when something happens on HubSpot very easily.

The more rules you define, the more marketing tasks you can automate. The rules, however, aren’t meant to be rigid. Once you automate certain marketing tasks, you can refine the automation itself to achieve greater results.

Add Personal Touches

One last tip to remember about automating your digital marketing efforts: you don’t have to automate everything. In fact, you shouldn’t. Adding personal touches to your marketing efforts is still an important part of the process.

Sure, you can make the automated marketing activities highly personalized, but it doesn’t hurt to actually write a personalized follow-up email or engage your audience on social media directly every once in a while.

These tips are handy if you are just getting started with automating your marketing efforts. Now that you have them in mind, exploring the possibilities and giving automated marketing a try aren’t going to be difficult at all.


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