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5 Latest Features Of The New GarageBand For iOS That Requires Your Attention!

Garageband has regularly earned praise at this website; it is one of the few apps we have no restraint in recommending. Well recently, Garageband got a small makeover in version 2.2 and new ios update music. There are some amazing features the app has been loaded with, and a fair number of old features have had more intricacies built into them.

How Do I Get The New Garageband?

The latest Garageband 2.2 is out with production suit. It is ready to use on any iOS device running iOS 10.2 or later, be it iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To get the app, simply go over to your App Store on the device, search for the app in the search bar and Install or Update, as need be. Check out the given link to know how to get Garageband for PC.

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Why Get The Latest Garageband? 5 Reasons To Get Garageband 2.2 Right Away!

New Mixing Effects

So have you noticed how mixing effects in the previous versions were generally flatlining? They’re all amazing, no doubt! But there is only so many times you can get catharses by repeating your music effects. Whether it be your average voice recording clip or an EDM number you’ve been working on, now you can add more mixing effects. I personally love Overdrive (call me cliched).

More effects!

A lot of people can feel stifled with Garageband’s old collection of effects. Not all of them suit your vision for the song you’re trying to make. And many a time, none of them do justice to your creative needs. So now, the latest version lets you add third party effects to your composition, which wasn’t supported earlier. You need a few apps for it in addition, but aren’t you glad iOS devices rarely constrict you in matters of space available, unlike Android?

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Autotune your voice!

I know several people who shy away from recording their own voices because it sounds weird to hear it on playback. They think they’re not that good when they in fact have a glorious voice. Well, Garageband’s latest version now has studio class features like correcting pitch, distortion and more. Be it your guitar, your singing, or mike error, all issues can now be tackled and you don’t need to re-record samples again to see if they fit or not.

The browser is now better

Remember the sound browser? I used to like it a lot. But just because something is good doesn’t mean you should shy away from making it better! Garageband’s redesigned their sound browser and it is quicker, simpler and more efficient. You get your touch instruments easily. The patches are easy to catch too. This app is right after my heart!

Stay on Track!

There are so many among us who feel they’ll forget what they want to do with the music clip if they take a break. Some even keep themselves from going to the bathroom at times, when they feel they’re off the edge of a great idea. Well, a lot of that can now be avoided, thanks to Garageband’s new integrated notepad that you can use to write or suggest lyrics, put in a comment for later evaluation or something you’d like to explore further. So now you can go do the laundry while your app keeps track on where you left off.

There are more great features too, like multiple overlays, which you can enjoy to add some quality depth to your music. You should get the latest version right away!


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